Lakshmi | The deva of wealth, bringing luck to your life with her merciful heart


The deva of wealth, bringing luck to your life.


 The deva of wealth and prosperity, is a reminder that will make you successful in your career and in your lives. Her merciful heart will help bring luck to negotiation, business, and commerce. The worship of Lakshmi would bring wealth to lives.



Lakshmi’s worshippers believe that she is the merciful goddess who comes with luck, she is elegant both physically and in manner, her speech is also full of charms. Lakshmi brings success to all aspects and is considered the best supporter for all women.



According to the legend, Lakshmi is born in the ocean’s bubble when the angels and the demons are making elixir. When Lakshmi erupt from the ocean, she is sitting on the lotus and her hand is also holding a lotus. Lakshmi is also considered the mother of “Kamadeva” or known as the cupid.



“Lakshmi” is the wife of Phra Narai (Vishnu) and is well-known for her beauty which is outstanding among any other deities. This makes her very popular among the god and demon which leads Brahna to take her and ask her to pick her preferable partner which she chooses Vishnu as her husband. This leads to an origin of a ceremony which the woman has to ask the man’s parents for approval or it can be said that woman is the one who gets to choose which is called “Sayumphon”.



Lakshmi is considered as one of the Trithevi which is well-known for her beauty. She is also the goddess of wealth, bringing fortune, abundance, and success to people who do business, commerce, and use speech in business negotitation.


The set of Lakshmi comes with 3 designs.

  1. Rainbow Moonstone, The moonstone provides calmness, enhances success, and positive results in love. 
  2. Rose Quartz, A gemstone of love that helps to heal your heart, is full of love energy and also attract good friendship. 
  3. Nymphaea of wealth, Symbol of eternal abundance, prosperity, and wealth.

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