Sun Wukong | The god of fighter

Sun Wukong
The god of fighter helps overcome any obstacles and finds solutions to any problem in your life. 
Wukong’s name (孫悟空) is mean to represent his spiritual journey from an ignorant, enthusiastic monkey to a benevolence, enlighten existence. 
In the Journey to the West Sun Wukong’s shape directly came from Xuanzang’s journey to India  which preceded Sun Wukong. It did not originate from China’s ancient legends or the story of China’s ancient monkeys and apes. Sun Wukong came from ancient buddhist script which can be viewed as the predecessor to the Journey to the West. The Monkey King is born from a strong magic stone that sits atop the  Mountain of Flowers and Fruit. This stone is no ordinary stone however it receives the nurture of heaven (yang) which possesses a positive nature and earth (yin) which possesses a negative nature and thus is able to produce living beings. The stone develops a magic womb which bursts open one day to produce a stone egg about the size of a ball. People believe that The Monkey will bring energetic, self-assured, sociable, smart and innovative energy. He’s stands for bravery, honesty and the power to fight evil. Sun wukong could help solving the problem and help making decisions easier. 

The set of  Sun Wukong  comes with 3 designs :

1. Ruyi Jingu Bang (Magical wand of Sun Wukong) – Sun Wukong favorite weapon which he gain it in the fight at the underworld. This symbol will enhance your wisdom and repel any Mara, evilness, and obstacles coming into your life.

2. Jade – Attracting stability and growth. Protecting you from any harm. The Chinese believe that wearing the green jade will bring you wealth and prosperity.

3. Smokey Quartz – Stone of might. Helps to cleanse your spirituality. Wearing it together with meditation can help remove negative energy and turn it into a positive one. It also helps your decision making to be better when facing difficulty, and make you more at ease with yourself.

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