Tridevi l Wives of Trimurti (त्रिदेवी)

Tridevi l Wives of Trimurti (त्रिदेवी)

Merging 3 goddess, wives of Trimurti or known as Tridevi, the powerful Trivedi of the three worlds

  1. Parvati, wife of Shiva (The Destroyer)
  2. Lakshmi, wife of Vishnu (The Preserver) bringing luck and wealth into your life
  3. Saraswati, wife of Brahma (The Creator) bringing knowledge and success in any field of work and education



Sakti is known as the power or pure divine energy which is use for creation, preservation, and destruction. This power will change depending on the circumstances. The Tridevi powers and duties are influenced by their husbands. Each of the goddess will have different avatars for completing vital mission.


The powers are essential because only their existences is not enough. In order for them to take full action, they have to take out their powerful divine energies which are within themselves.
Worshipping the Shaktism will make you gain the Tridevi power which includes the empowerment energy from Pavarti, luck and wealth from Lakshmi, and knowledge from Saraswati
  1. Parvati, wife of Shiva (The destroyer)

Parvati is surround with the power of empowerment, she provide her worshipper victory and success over their enemies. She also make you vigorous and expel any kind of evilness.

Parvati also provide you subordinates and power for leaders. She also grant your wishes about love, marriage, and abundance. Parvati is also known as the mother of Ganesha, the deva of intellect and wisdom.

The set of Parvati comes with 3 designs

  1. Eight-Petaled Lotus - Symbol of abundance, birth, development, promotion and a happy life.
  2. Garnet - Symbol of friendship and faith. Help you to attain reverence from your colleagues and people who are under your care, also enhance your confidence and strength.
  3. Black Rutile Quartz - Enhance your prestige and provide you development in your career. Also attract happiness to your household.
  1. Lakshmi, wife of Vishnu (The preserver)


Lakshmi is considered as the deva of wealth and beauty - which also includes inner beauty. Worshipping Lakshmi will make you prosperous. She oftens provide success for business person and also attract wealth to the worshippers.

The set of Lakshmi come with 3 designs

  1. Nymphaea of wealth : Symbol of eternal abundance, prosperity, and wealth.
  2. Fluorite : A gem of intelligence, helps purify your mind, drives away any negative energy and anxiety. It is a jewel full of positive energy and help to free your mind.
  3. Rainbow Moonstone : A gem of freedom, helps you to gain confidence and to endure any difficulty coming into your life which leads to success.
    1. Saraswati, wife of Brahma (The creator)

    Goddess of knowledge, speech, and arts. Her musical instrument is called Veena, and her vehicle is the peacock. She is respected and known to be the most knowledgeable in all field of work and education.


    She is considered as a symbol of mastery in every field of work and education. This includes drawing, music, arts, dancing, writing, and performance. She is respected and worshipped by students, workers, and anyone who is involve in the field of researching, analyzing, communication, and negotiation. She is also the creator or the founder of the Devanagari letters.

    The set of Saraswati comes with 3 designs

    1.Veena : Symbol of awareness, and mastery in any field of work and education.

    2.Mother of pearl : Brings you luck, helps your wish to become true, and brings you guidance in earning a living.

    3.Fluorite : Helps you gain concentration, confidence, good energy, and knowledge.

    Worshipping the Tridevi (The 3 goddess) will provide you the power of empowerment from Parvati, luck and wealth from Lakshmi, and knowledge in every field of work and education from Saraswati. The Tridevi is often seen sitting on a lion or a tiger which is the symbol of power and victory.

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