Sivali | Bringing fortune to your life.

Bringing fortune to your life.

Anything you desire will come true, Sivali will bring wealth to your lives, and create success for the holder with fortune, praise, and prevent all kinds of danger and suffering.


 Sivali, is considered as one of the great monk of Buddha that comes from the selection of the 80 respectful senior monk in the Buddha period. He was the son of Queen Suppavasa, the daughter of the King from Goliya city, being in his pregnant mother for 7 years and 7 months also bring a great fortune and plentifulness to his mother.

Silvali birth is delivered with ease with the Buddha power and blessing “May Suppavasa give birth to her son without receiving any illness, disease, and may her be full of happiness” The son was named Sivali which the name is given by all of his relatives in the day they invited Buddha to have a supper with them for 7 days. Sivali has been holding Buddha’s and other monk’s water vase for that continuous 7 days.
When he grows up, he went to ordain with Sariputra’s institution and has become an arhat which is enlighted by Buddha’s preaches. Sivali is plenty of endless fortune of the 4 necessities of life by his accumulated merit from the past. For this reason, he is respected and considered as one of the Buddha’s great monk who is excellent in being the “Fortunate”.


According to the Buddhist scriptures, there is no evidence of where Sivali has been found decease but it is known that he had lived for a long time before his time of passing away. In Thai belief, Sivali is considered as one of the great monk who is excellent in fortune, this results as the belief that anyone who worship Sivali will be blessed with endless amount of fortune.
In the past during Buddha’s period, a woman called “Supawadee” born in a merchant family which is religious and worship Sivali with her wholeheart has listen to his preaches with her deepest faith. Sivali then give her blessings “May your life be filled with prosperity, flowing amount of wealth, and fortune in doing business which is accordance to your highest determination”.


Since Supawadee has received Sivali’s blessings, no matter where her father and mother goes to do any business, they will receive a flowing amount of money with plenty of profits. In Thailand, Supawadee is well known with the name of “Nang Kwak”.



The set of Sivali comes with 3 designs.

  1. White Coral a gemstone that symbolizes immortal fortune. The power of white coral would purify any negative energy and gently attract positive energy. This bracelet is a reminder that positive energy is the key to happiness.
  2. Blue Beryl a stone of courage and protection. The power of gemstone is applied for communication enhancement. Blue Beryl is a perfect stone that helps you when you feel loss. This bracelet is a reminder that you will be saved.
  3. Amethyst a gemstone of protection. It plays a role as a barrier against lower energies, stress and unhealthy environments. This bracelet is a reminder that you will be protected.

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