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Ketu Necklace

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Angel of holiness, treasury, and protection

Symbol: Naga, king of the underwater, god of fortune and wealth

The miraculous power of Ketu influences its worshippers to receive powerful energies, which are more powerful than any other planetaries can given. Ketu protects every human who is facing any harm and danger without considering what day of birth, zodiac, and ascendant they are. Moreover, It also can make the impossible to become possible. Ketu is also known as the name of “Wonder Angel”.

Worshipping Ketu will help prevent you from the bad fortune, and also help you to be successful, and happy. Ketu will protect you from all harm, and attract positive energies into your life.

By worshipping Ketu, you will gain wealth, stability, fortune, happiness, and it will also help to fulfill your desires and make your life better.

Material  & Price

Made from qualified materials, 925 authentic sterling silver, no nickel, and non-allergic which is suited for sensitive skin. 

  1. Ketu Necklace (16”- 17”) - Price : 2490 THB
  2. Lucent Ketu Necklace (20”- 21”) - Price : 2790 THB

Ketu Necklace




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