Antler Bracelet

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The Antler 

“ Being full of power and fulfilling the basis of accomplishment.”

“The Antler” represents power and authority. Most people always tattoo the picture of an antler referring to the leadership because a deer is recognized as a powerful animal. Naturally, dears often use their antlers in fighting and protecting themselves from any dangers. Hence, the antler is generally used as a symbol of awe and authority.

According to the ancient time, ancient people believed that if they came into the cave and drew a picture of the antler, it would give power to them, as well as, the more they drew the more they gained the power to their life not only in their families, but also their works would get the opportunity to promote in a leadership. 
Furthermore, the upper-class people often use antlers as home decorations in order to imply power and authority.

Amethyst” is believed that it could predict and take either prosperity or authority to the owner following Chinese belief. Amethyst helps to increase the level of prosperity utmostly. Amethyst also helps owners to reach a state of pleasure. All of these are reasons for using  Amethyst as the symbol of royal families and wealthy people in order to imply their financial and social status.

Therefore, “The Antler” & “Amethyst”  would help to cease from defeat and improve strength, authority, and prosperity more than ever.