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Chandra Necklace
Chandra Necklace
Chandra Necklace

Chandra Necklace

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Angel of purity, beauty, enchantment, and wealth attraction

Symbol: A horse which gives you blessings, charm, and makes people merciful towards you. It also, attracting money instantly

Characteristic of those who are born on Monday:

They are seen as polite and are conscious of their appearances. They are gentle, sweet, creative, well-organized, and also witty.

Material  & Price

Made from qualified materials, 925 authentic sterling silver, no nickel, and non-allergic which is suited for sensitive skin. 

  1. Chandra Necklace (16”- 17”) - Price : 2490 THB
  2. Lucent Chandra Necklace (20”- 21”) - Price : 2790 THB