Caishen (ไฉ่ซิงเอี๊ย)
Caishen (ไฉ่ซิงเอี๊ย)
Caishen (ไฉ่ซิงเอี๊ย)
Caishen (ไฉ่ซิงเอี๊ย)
Caishen (ไฉ่ซิงเอี๊ย)
Caishen (ไฉ่ซิงเอี๊ย)

Caishen (ไฉ่ซิงเอี๊ย)

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Caishen – The god of wealth and prosperity who brings good luck, wealth and prosperity.

Caishen (財神) is god of wealth and good fortune. In addition, Caishen can bring in wealth and richness which is often worshiped in many areas of China. People worship this deity not only to attract wealth and luck but also protection from disaster regarding any current financial success. He is known for his agreeableness and compassion which he will answer any prayers made to him. He is seen like a wishful-fulfilling jewel, which enable one’s wishes to come true. Nowadays Caishen still holds that position of authority and has the ability to make one’s financial situation to become successful.

The set of Caishen comes with 3 Designs

1. Blue Topaz – Attracting stability and growth. Protecting you from any harm. The Chinese believe that wearing the green jade will bring you wealth and prosperity.

2. White howlite – Make you feel peaceful and at ease. It helps you to be more relaxed and also attract positive energy. It also supports your ability in communication and negotiation.

3. Mix agate – Brings you wealth and prosperity. Boost your confidence and help to balance your physical and mental health. It is also believed that insomnia can be cured and physical health will improve.

  • Guaranteed with World Design Award, Demark Award 2019
  • Made from Korean nylon, durable, can wear anytime even in water, can be worn daily
  • Scalable and unisex
  • All of our bracelets are sacred by cleansing all the negative energies and activating the blessing one by the process of chanting the mantra
  • For 1,890 baht each
  • Some of the payment will be provide for the charity
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  • A part of our profits will be donate to the people in need.
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