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Sukra Necklace
Sukra Necklace
Sukra Necklace

Sukra Necklace

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Angel of love, arts, and valuables

Symbol: A white ox which brings wealth, abundance, and is the representation of love and all kinds of arts

Characteristic of those who are born on Friday:

They are considered as a walking art, they enjoy and appreciate every kind of art. They are also artistic, generous, skillful, sentimental, gentle, and loving towards others. Moreover, they are sympathetic towards others and their goal is simply to find happiness in their everyday life.

Material  & Price

Made from qualified materials, 925 authentic sterling silver, no nickel, and non-allergic which is suited for sensitive skin. 

  1. Sukra Necklace (16”- 17”) - Price : 2490 THB
  2. Lucent Sukra Necklace (20”- 21”) - Price : 2790 THB