Zoom Yue Lao (เทพเจ้าด้ายแดง)
Zoom Yue Lao (เทพเจ้าด้ายแดง)
Zoom Yue Lao (เทพเจ้าด้ายแดง)
Zoom Yue Lao (เทพเจ้าด้ายแดง)
Zoom Yue Lao (เทพเจ้าด้ายแดง)

Yue Lao (เทพเจ้าด้ายแดง)

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The set of The Old Man From The Moon  comes with 2 Designs

 Rainbow Moonstone, a gem that is believed to be originated from the moonlight which will glow the most in the full moon night

The Old Man From The Moon descend to the earth on the night of the full moon in order to entwine the red thread on the destined couple.

Rainbow Moonstone can help create love energy for the couple to always make them missing each other. It also helps to make single people more attractive

 Symbols (a book of couples’ names) A book of couples’ names which is carved with the moon and is encircled with the red love string represents The Old Man From The Moon

It can be compared to his legend which he makes note of the destined couples’ names on the Moon and descend to the Earth at night in order to entwine the couples’ love thread

It is believed that The Old Man From The Moon is the most powerful on the full moon day which the moon will be the brightness. He will grant the couples’ who wear the amulet to have a long-lasting love life with no obstacles in their relationship.

  • Guaranteed with World Design Award, Demark Award 2019
  • Made from Korean nylon, durable, can wear anytime even in water, can be worn daily
  • Scalable and unisex
  • All of our bracelets are sacred by cleansing all the negative energies and activating the blessing one by the process of chanting the mantra
  • For 1,890 baht each
  • Some of the payment will be provide for the charity
  • Instagram/Facebook/LINE: @ravipajewelry #ravipareminder
  • A part of our profits will be donate to the people in need.
  • Find our RAVIPA reminder review at #ravipareminder & #ravipareminder_review

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Yue Lao (เทพเจ้าด้ายแดง)




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