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Kali (กาลี)
Kali (กาลี)

Kali (กาลี)

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“The divine protector, and the powerful destroyer of evil forces”

Protect the goodness, overcome the evil, attract happiness and prestige

Kali comes with 2 designs

  1. Trishula : Symbol of power, repelling all of the evil forces from all directions. Strengthen your mind, overcome any obstacles, and attract fortune and wealth into your life.
  2. Black Agate : Ease your mind, make you peaceful, stable, conscious and also attract stability into your life.


Guaranteed with World Design Award

Design Excellence Award (DEmark)

♡ Made from Korean nylon, adjustable

♡ Unisex 

♡ Able to wear along with other amulets

♡ Can be worn daily, can wear anytime even in water, with no smell, and no allergy

♡ Real silver coated with 18K platinum, no Nickel, natural gem