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An engagement ring represents the eternal love of an engaged couple. We lovingly crafted this collection to be a part of your special memorable moment, which is surrounded by love and joy. Make your most beautiful moments last a lifetime.

These engagement rings were meticulously designed by our designer who was awarded the Design Excellence Award (DEmark). Moreover, you can select the high quality material you want. Whether it is 925 sterling silver, white gold, golden gold, or pink gold in 9K, 14K, and 18K, and also authentic diamond that is measured based on RAVIPA’s criteria. Whether it is  925 sterling silver or white gold, golden gold and pink gold, which you can choose from 9K, 14K and 18K, as well as authentic diamond gems, according to RAVIPA criteria you want. All materials are nickel free and hypoallergenic.

RAVIPA are pleased to introduce you to our “Engagement Rings” that were inspired by the love stories.


1.The First Infinity Engagement Ring

2.Before I Do Engagement Ring

3.Mini Shooting Star Engagement Ring

4.Classic Shooting Star Engagement Ring

5.Classic Infinity Engagement Ring

6.Diamond Infinity Engagement Ring

7.Through Thick and Thin Engagement Ring

Let’s design your engagement rings from your love story together. Anyone who desires RAVIPA to be a part of special occasions can consult with our designers and select your material preferences—925 sterling silver, white gold, golden gold, or pink gold in 9K, 14K, or 18K with authentic diamond—at RAVIPA Boutique, The Emporium, 1/F or ask for more information at

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