Fleur De Lys Bracelet

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The Fleur De Lys 

“ The shining way to achieve the goal of life.”

“The Fleur De Lys” is a French word meaning a lily flower. The word “fleur” and “lys” translate to the flower of lily in English. The definition of the lily flower is a bright light and perfection. The lily flower is used as a symbol to represent the French royal family following the story of the Merovingian dynasty in the family of the Franks. Clovis, the son of Merovingian’s king, changes to be a Christian. He gets the lily flower from the angle as the symbol of purity.

“Labradorite” would help to suppress your energy. This gemstone would take you too close to the discovery of a dream, and reveal your destiny compared as notification that the dream would come true absolutely. Moreover, it reduces the stress which is troublesome in following your dream.

Therefore, “The Fleur De Lys” & “Labradorite” are compared as a bright light and a guideline for you to follow your dream or life’s goal, and take you to the accomplishment in life as the same as your dream. Moreover, it also improves your bravery for overcoming every obstacle during the pathway to following your dream.