FAQ Jewelry

How can I order RAVIPA?

  • Choose your favorite product and contact us via email (contact@ravipa.com) or phone at (+66(0)90-919-9295) or Official LINE ID: @ravipajewelry to place your order.
  • After the payment, you will receive your order within 7 business days, with the exception of customized orders and rings, which are delivered 9-17 business days.(See more detail in “Shipping” page)

How do I measure my ring size?

  • To measure by yourself, we use USA standard ring size. For help finding your ring size, please watch the tutorial below.
  • You can visit RAVIPA and our shop assistants will help you measure your ring size. RAVIPA shops are located in Bangkok at M floor, Siam Paragon and 1 floor, Emporium from 10:00-22:00​
Ring size standards can vary in different countries; you can let us know which country standard you are using.

Can I request for customized changes in RAVIPA collections?

  • Please contact us to discuss your ideas. Everything from a silver ring to yellow gold ring, bracelet length adjustment or changes to the gemstone, nothing is beyond your imagination and our expertise. We are available to help with any queries you may have via email (contact@ravipa.com), phone at (+66(0)90-919-9295) or click here.

Can I have a name engraving on my jewelry?

  • Our name engraving service is available for some pieces. Engraving service is subject to additional charges (30USD with unlimited letters). For more details or special requests, please contact us via email (contact@ravipa.com) or phone at (+66(0)90-919-9295) or Official LINE ID: @ravipajewelry.

Is gift-wrapping available?

  • Yes. We offer complimentary gift wrapping for all purchases made and for each item on the site. Your jewelry will be wrapped with the finest handmade white box tied with a signature white ribbon with our logo.

Are the products pictured in actual size?

  • Due to various computer display sizes, it is not possible to show each piece of jewelry in its actual size. We do however provide meticulous measurements in the box description and show each piece worn by a model.

Can my jewelry be delivered today?

  • We understand that occasionally a lady simply has to have that perfect something for a special occasion and that it often cannot wait. We are confident that you will find what you are looking for at RAVIPA and we will do all we can to try and help. If the jewelry is already in stock, we could provide you a Messenger Service throughout specific Bangkok areas when you will be delivered the same day. Messenger Service is subject to additional charges. Orders in by 11 a.m. are assured to arrive at your destination by 5 p.m. Otherwise, your jewelry can be delivered to your location within 1-3 days via domestic EMS in Thailand.
  • For more details or special requests, please contact us via email (contact@ravipa.com) or phone at (+66(0)90-919-9295) or Official LINE ID: @ravipajewelry.

Can I visit your shop and view the jewelry?

  • You are always welcomed to visit us at Accessories Bazaar, M floor, Siam Paragon, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Opening hours: Daily 10:00-22:00.
  • Please feel free to contact us via email (contact@ravipa.com) or phone at (+66(0)90-919-9295) or Official LINE ID: @ravipajewelry if you need any further information.

How do I take care of my jewelry?

  • We use plated micron gold in all our pieces. This would prolong the shininess of the jewelry. Our jewelry was created with the utmost love and care. Follow these simple steps to prolong your jewelry quality. As with most precious metals, sterling silver tarnishes but is less likely to happen, if worn regularly.
  • Clean your silver jewelry in warm soapy water. Use a soft toothbrush to clean crystals if necessary.
  • Ensure your jewelry is rinsed thoroughly and dried before storage. Alternatively, you can polish your silver jewelry with a soft cloth.
  • Like gold, silver is susceptible to damage by chlorine and you should avoid wearing silver jewelry when exposed to chlorine or bleach. 
  • As with all fine things in life, you should take care and protect your jewelry. Always store them in a jewelry box, and make sure not to drop, bash or scratch it.
  • We offer a cleaning service for our fine jewelry. Please visit our stores or contact us via email (contact@ravipa.com) or phone at (+66(0)90-919-9295) or Official LINE ID: @ravipajewelry.


Do you have a warranty for your jewelry?

  • If the jewelry proves to be defective in material or has workmanship issues we will repair them at no cost to you. If it cannot be fixed, we will replace the item and will also bear the shipping cost.

What is your return and exchange policy?

  • You can return your jewelry free of charge (within Thailand only) for any reason (Amulet Bracelet not included). Your jewelry must be in the same condition during the time of purchase and a return request must be approved from RAVIPA. We must then receive your jewelry back within 14 days.
  • In order to exchange our product which is defective, only goods with the same edition and price or a lower price can be exchanged. It is reminded that there would be no refund
  • If our product is defective, has workmanship issues, or need to be cleaned, you can always send your product back to RAVIPA Flagship Store Room 137, 139 Suanluang Square, Chula 16, Wang Mai, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330 However before doing that you need to contact us first via e-mail: contact@ravipa.com 
  • Repair fees depend on each product condition
  • Tel: +6690-919-9295

Which payment methods do you accept?

  • We accept online payment via Bank Deposits, Credit, and PayPal

What is a Customized Design service?

  • Our Customized Design service provides personal consultation with Ravipa Veerasaksri and the personal team in a private meeting to create one-off pieces of jewelry that are beyond your expectation. Available in silver 925, 14k, 18k gold with diamond and color stones.

Where are the source(s) of your precious color stones and diamonds?

  • Our precious stones and diamond come from our third-generation gemstones business in Bangkok, Thailand, which has precious stones from all over the world. If you are looking for rare precious stones that will be a heritage for the next generation you have found the right place. For more details please feel free to contact us via email (contact@ravipa.com) or phone at (+66(0)90-919-9295) or Official LINE ID: @ravipajewelry.

Do you offer a gem certification service?

  • We can provide you with gem certificates for additional charge by the GIA (Gemology Institution of America) and GIT (Gemology Institution of Thailand). Please feel free to contact us via email (contact@ravipa.com) or phone at(+66(0)90-919-9295) or Official LINE ID: @ravipajewelry if you need any further information.

What are the materials for our jewelry?

  • We use qualified materials for our products which includes sterling silver plated with 18k gold. You can trust that wearing our products won’t cause any allergy because they don’t include any Nickel.
  • Adorn with Cubic Zirconia (CZ diamond) import from Italy
  • For our fresh water pearl, we have chosen qualified peal which vary in colors which include Marshmellow Pearl (white color), Pink Gold Pearl, Lavender Pearl, Little Gray Pearl, Peach Pearl (light orange color) 

Can I wear the jewelry if I get allergic very easily?

  • All of our jewelry are made from material that doesn’t include Nickel. Most of the people will be allergic to Nickel (can be found in some jewelry plating) You can trust that by wearing our jewelry, you won’t feel itchy or have any allergy.

Will the color of jewelry fade or blacken if wear regularly?

  • All of our jewelry are specially chosen and exceptionally qualified with the process of 3 micron gold plating which surely won’t make the jewelry color fade or blacken.

Is there a possibility that the diamond might fall out?

  • The diamond certainly won’t fall out. The method we use in the diamond setting process in sterling silver is the same as the diamond setting in the engagement ring. We also have a warranty in case the jewelry is proved to be defective in material or has workmanship issues.

What can I do if the earring pads are loose?

  • You can take the earring pads off and squeeze its back to make it tighter. If you face any difficulty, you can bring it to the store so we can fix it for you.

What is the length size of the necklace?

  • The necklace length size is 16-17 inches but the longest for the Toss A Coin collection is 24 inches

Do you sell plain necklaces without a pendant?

  • Yes, we sell plain sterling silver necklace (unscalable) with the price of 1,290 baht and the scalable one for 1,590 baht.

Can you enlarge the necklace size?

  • If the necklace is too short or too long, we can increase the size to be longer than 16 inch or make it shorter than 16 inch with the charge of 500 baht.

Can you increase the size of the bracelet?

  • If you want to order a customized design, preorder product or a special size, you can measure your size and contact us directly.

Can I change the pearl color?

  • Yes, you can change the pearl color however some of our editions might not include every size and color.

Can I wear the jewelry in water?

  • If you wear the jewelry regularly, you can wear it when washing your hands, however it is recommended to take it off when showering and sleeping in order to prevent it from getting damp, humid, and sweaty.

If my ring doesn’t fit, can I change the size?

  • If your ring doesn’t fit, you can contact us Tel: (+66(0)90-919-9295), Official LINE ID: @ravipajewelry , or E-mail: contact@ravipa.com

Can I choose other materials apart from sterling silver?

  • Yes, we also provide other options of materials in our jewelry making which include sterling silver, yellow gold, pink gold (includes 9k,14k,18k) and platinum


FAQ Reminder Collection (Amulet Bracelet) 

What are the materials of the reminder bracelet? 

  • Made from nylon string imported from South Korea, made from natural gems and authentic sterling silver. 


How is the reminder bracelet consecrated?

  • All of our reminder bracelets have been consecrated with mantras, repelling all of the negative energies and fill it with positive one.


If I want to be successful in the field of business or commerce, which bracelet do you recommended?

  • We recommend “Naga” which will help your commerce and business runs well and help you succeed in your career.


I want to be more charismatic and attract love, which bracelet should I wear?

  • We recommend “Trimurti” the god of love which will help you to be more appealing and attract the love you want.


Is the bracelet easy to be torn?

  • No, the bracelet is durable. If the jewelry proves to be defective in material or has workmanship issues after buying within 14 days, we will repair them at no cost to you. If it cannot be fixed, we will replace the item and will also bear the shipping cost.


Does the reminder bracelet have a lifespan?

  • No, it doesn’t.


Can we wear the bracelet during shower?

  • Yes, you can. The bracelet doesn’t have smell and it dries easily.


Is the price of 1,890 Baht includes all 3 bracelet designs? What are the differences?

  • You will only get one bracelet per 1,890 Baht. The difference is the different kind of design.


How do I make a wish?

  • When praying, tell your name, birthday, your current home and work address, and ask specifically of what you are wishing for.


Can I order the bracelet for a smaller size than the regular one?

  • Yes, you can but it has to take about 30-45 business days.








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