Golden Fish Bracelet

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The Golden Fish 

“ Symbol of fertility eternally.”

“The Golden Fish” symbolizes fertility and prosperity following the Chinese tradition. In the Chinese language, the pronunciation of the word “Fish” sounds like the word “Fertility” because most Chinese people praise the fish as a fortunate symbol. Moreover, the ancient Chinese also link the yellow or golden color with the royal family. So, there are only members of the royal court allowed to be owners of the golden fish. As a result of these, the Chinese define the golden fish as the fish of the wealthy. 

“Mix Agate” is known as the gemstone considered as a lucky amulet for a long time since the eighteenth century. Originally, English agriculturists used Mix Agate in order to attract prosperity and fertility along with the belief that if they keep the Mix Gate amulet in the workplace, it will help businesses to succeed more than ever. Generally, Mix Agate is a gemstone that has many colors in nature and when you carry this gem around with you, you will find that this gem takes you back to nature which is full of shady plants and the sound of the watercourse. These make you feel the fertility in life.

Therefore, “The Golden Fish” & “Mix Agate” are compared as a stream that is plentiful of golden fish bringing either fertility or prosperity to you eternally.