FAQs (Reminder Bracelet)

What are the materials of the reminder bracelet?

- Made from nylon string imported from South Korea, made from freshwater natural pearls.


How is the reminder bracelet consecrated?

- All of our reminder bracelets have been consecrated with mantras, repelling all of the negative energies and fill it with positive one.


If I want to be successful in the field of business or commerce, which bracelet do you recommended?

- We recommend “Naga” which will help your commerce and business runs well and help you succeed in your career.


I want to be more charismatic and attract love, which bracelet should I wear? 

- We recommend “Trimurti” the god of love which will help you to be more appealing and attract the love you want.


Is the bracelet easy to be torn?

- No, the bracelet is durable. If the jewelry proves to be defective in material or has workmanship issues after buying within 14 days, we will repair them at no cost to you. If it cannot be fixed, we will replace the item and will also bear the shipping cost.


Does the reminder bracelet have a lifespan?

- No, it doesn’t.


Can we wear the bracelet during shower?

- Yes, you can. The bracelet doesn’t have smell and it dries easily.


Is the price of 1,890 Baht includes all 3 bracelet designs? What are the differences?

- You will only get one bracelet per 1,890 Baht. The difference is the different kind of design.


How do I make a wish?

- When praying, tell your name, birthday, your current home and work address, and ask specifically of what you are wishing for.


Can I order the bracelet for a smaller size than the regular one?

- Yes, you can but it has to take about 30-45 business days.



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