Guan Yu (กวนอู)
Guan Yu (กวนอู)
Guan Yu (กวนอู)
Guan Yu (กวนอู)
Guan Yu (กวนอู)

Guan Yu (กวนอู)

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 Guan Yu (กวนอู)

Surrounded by honest subordinates and supportive companion
Always encounter good people.

God of Loyalty.
You will surround by loyal and supportive companion,Your career and business will flourish as you wish.

The set of Guan Yu comes with 3 designs

1.The Dragon Crescent Blade
2.Rainbow moonstones

  • Guaranteed with World Design Award, Demark Award 2019
  • Made from Korean nylon, durable, can wear anytime even in water, can be worn daily
  • Scalable and unisex
  • All of our bracelets are sacred by cleansing all the negative energies and activating the blessing one by the process of chanting the mantra
  • For 1,890 baht each
  • Some of the payment will be provide for the charity
  • Instagram/Facebook/LINE: @ravipajewelry #ravipareminder
  • A part of our profits will be donate to the people in need.
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