Whale Tail Bracelet

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The Whale Tail 

“ The strength  and the way of success.”

“The Whale Tail” is the tail of one of the strongest sea creatures. The whale is considered as the king and the queen of the sea because of its size. So, the whale’s tail symbolizes great agility and great strength because the whale’s tail is used for movement control. So, the whale's tail needs to have powerful strength for containing and carrying the immense body of the whale to swim in the ocean easily. Moreover, it represents the fertility coming from the underwater world which is the whale’s habitat. Moreover, the hidden message of the whale tail also involves confidential emotion referring to overcoming every obstacle in the past.

“Lapiz Lazuri” is a gemstone which is well known as peace and strength. Most people believe that this gemstone helps to arouse in a spontaneous and spiritual sense. Besides, it is also known as the gemstone helping to suppress both body and mind.

Therefore, “The Whale Tail” & “Lapiz Lazuri” are compared as the strength of spirits’ awakening which is not anxious towards obstacles whatever.