Giving back

             We believe that happiness is only real when shared. Apart from putting lot of care into each piece of our jewelry for our customers, we also are interest to help the community, such as people in small communities who struggle from poverty or the children who are affected and traumatized by sexual assault. Our Founder, Thanisa Veerasaksri have started the charity project since 2012 in the name of Origami Charity Project which RAVIPA, our brand is also a part of this charity since the very first date. We have participated by helping the animal such as elephants which encountered violent abuse, and visiting and providing food for the elderly at the nursing home in Bang Khae. In 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, we are also a part of the Chuay Gun Na charity project by distributing survival kits for the families affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.


                 We do not only donate but also organize charity events and activities for the customers to participate. We offer our lovely customers the opportunity to give and help the society together by joining and becoming one of the volunteers in our project. If you want to share the smile and joy, don’t forget to stay tuned and get the latest update so you can join us to make the world a better place! We hope that together, we can improve the society and makes the people happier.





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