Naga | Enhance fortune, richness, and prosperity.

Enhance fortune, richness and prosperity
The holders will be provided with abundant of physical and mental possessions. Naga represents wealth which would bring you the development, success, happiness and plentiful of treasures. Naga worship would be more effective by doing meditation and praying for blessings.
Enhance fortune, richness and prosperity. The Emperor set of Naga comes with 3 designs
  1. Sodalite, the stone of idealism. The power of Sodalite will help assist in communications and stimulate creativities and abilities. This bracelet is a reminder that shows that the impossible is possible.
  2. Navy Wishbone, a symbol of good luck that helps your wish come true if you believe with your whole heart. This bracelet is a reminder that will bring good fortune to your life.
  3. Labradorite, a stone that helps purify your energy. This stone will bring you closer to discovering your dreams and uncovering your destiny. This bracelet is a reminder that your dream will definitely come true.

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