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Sun Wukong

Sun Wukong

The god of fighter who can surpass all obstacles with his wisdom. 


This 2022 is the year of tiger, It is suggested to worship Sun Wukong to enhance your fortune and bring luckiness throughout the whole year.



According to the legend, Sun Wukong is born from a stone which attains power from the Sun and the Moon, and finally becomes the Monkey King and lives with his monkey tribe in the Hua Guo Shan (花果山) mountain. All the monkeys respect him and call him “Mei Hou Wang” (美猴王) One day, Sun Wukong found that the monkey in his tribe began to die each by each from natural causes. This then motivates Sun Wukong to begin his journey in searching for a way to be immortal.



He then meets an ascetic call “Pu Ti Zu Shi” (菩提祖师) which taught him martial arts. He succeeds in all of the lessons and is able to transform into 72 figures, enlarge his body, walk on air, and put a spell on one of his furs and turn it into things. The ascetic names him “Sun Wukong” (孙悟空​​) after he completes the lessons. 


Sun Wukong is so proud of his skills that he causes turbulence all around including the heaven, earth, hell, and also the underworld. By going to the underworld, he found his favorite weapon “Ruyi Jingu Bang” or known as his magical wand. When this story slipped to Yu Huang Da Di (玉皇大帝), he immediately announce war with him in order to catch him, however he fail to do so. This is also a reference to the Victory edition design.


When the news arrive to Ru Lai Fo Zu (如来佛祖) ears, he immediately come to defeat Sun Wukong by piling him up with Wu Zhi Shan (五指山) mountain for 500 years. Tang San Zang (唐三藏) is the one who rescue him and then become Sun Wukong master and rename him to “Xing Zhe” (行者) or “Sun Xing Zhe” (孫行者). Sun Wukong travel with him to Jambul Dwipa which has the duty to serve and protect Tang San Zang during their journey.



Sun Wukong is known as the god of fighter, symbolizing cleverness, spirit and is full of wisdom. He never gives up on his destiny, always overcome obstacles with intelligence, and is considered as the god who provide happiness and destroy the evils. Worshipping him will enhance your Feng Shui, overcome any obstacles, and you will easily find solution to any problem. 


Comes in 7 designs

  1. Victory edition - Or known as the name of “The posture of subduing Mara” is considered as a famous posture which is wearing a warrior suit and holding the Ruyi Jingu Bang or known as the magical wand in his hand. According to the legend, after Yu Huang Da Di (玉皇大帝)  heard that Sun Wukong had caused turbulence in the heaven, he then announce the war, however Sun Wukong become the winner. This symbol radiates the power of Sun Wukong in overcoming the obstacles and in gaining victory over the Mara. The holder will earn victory and happiness into their lives. 
  2. Enlighten edition - Sun Wukong is sitting on the clouds, holding his magical wand in his hand. According to his success in ascetism, this symbol will protect you, guide you to wisdom, support you, and help you to find solution to any problem.

    3.Burlywood - A magnificent stone color which is originated from Sun Wukong who is nurtured by the seed of heaven which also give birth to the earth, the sun, and the moon for over hundreds of years. This stone will protect you from any evilness and will repel any problem that comes into your life.

    4.Brunette - This stone color represents Sun Wukong’s crown which is considered as one of the 5 auspicious thing to defeat immoral beings. It also empower you and people will obey you.


      5.Magical Wand of Sun Wukong - Sun Wukong favorite weapon which he gain it in the fight at the underworld. This symbol will enhance your wisdom and repel any Mara, evilness, and obstacles coming into your life.

      6.Smoky quartz - Stone of might. Helps to cleanse your spirituality. Wearing it together with meditation can help remove negative energy and turn it into a positive one. It also helps your decision making to be better when facing difficulty, and make you more at ease with yourself.

      7.Jade - Attracting stability and growth. Protecting you from any harm. The Chinese believe that wearing the green jade will bring you wealth and prosperity.





      Guaranteed with World Design Award

      Design Excellence Award (DEmark)

      ♡ Made from Korean nylon, scalable

      ♡ Unisex

      ♡ Able to wear along with other amulets

      ♡ Can be worn daily, can wear anytime even in water, with no smell, and no allergy

      ♡ Real silver coated with 18K platinum, no Nickel, natural gem  



      Amulet bracelet which can be bought for yourself or as a meaningful gift for your loved ones. It can help attract good things into your lives.

      A part of our profit will be donated to the people in need.

      All of our amulet bracelets have been through the consecrating process


      - Bracelet (Authentic Sterling Silver for 2,490 baht , and Authentic 9K Golden Gold for 8,990 baht)
      - Necklace (Authentic Sterling Silver for 2,490 baht, and Authentic 9K Golden Gold for 12,990 baht)
      • Enlighten Edition
      • Victory Edition

      - Cute charm that can be worn on your bracelets for 1,690 baht
      • Burlywood
      • Brunette


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