Welcome Summer edition!  the collection of summer vibe. 

The period of power’s refreshment with the summer edition 


Summer is well known as the period of adolescence which is plenty full of memory. The lovely and colorful bracelets would let you enjoy mixing and matching the bracelets in both editions in order to fulfill your summer which is brighter than ever for the happiness in summer. 

There are 2 Editions  

  1. SARASWATI in Wild Berry Pink Color which has 2 versions
  • Veena| the symbol of consciousness and expertise in knowledge perfectly
  • Pink Jadeitte| encouraging your charm and arousing your peace of mind. 
  1. PHARMAETHORANI in Cadet Blue which has 2 versions 
  • Nathinil drop (Water Droplet) | referring to the gathering of the wealthy consecutively 
  • Blue Jadeite | reducing stress and resetting the consciousness and the peaceful mind. 

2,490 Baht only.

Must-have items for summer

Guaranteed by national design awards

Design Excellence Award (DEmark)

♡ Unisex
♡ Be able to wear along with other amulets and collections.
♡ Be able to wear daily either taking a shower or doing any activities. 


Reminder Bracelets by RAVIPA

Amulet bracelet is suitable to buy for yourself or as a meaningful gift for your beloved ones. It can help attract good things into your life.

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