Yinyang | Symbol of balance, guiding you to a happy life both physically and mentally

Yin and Yang

Symbol of balance, guiding you to a happy life both physically and mentally
(Attract positive energies, and drive away negative ones, make you fill with happiness and abundance)

Yin and Yang is symbol relating to nature, couple, or characteristic that is contrasting each other that lives together and can support and fulfill each other. There is a saying that “There is no light without darkness” In this context, Yin (black) and Yang (white) have different characteristics. We can also say that there is no light without dark, no good without evil, no male without female, no right without wrong. That nothing can exist if its direct opposite does not also exist.

The ideology of Yin and Yang existed for thousands of years originated from the Zhou Dynasty in China.

The ideology of Yin and Yang has widely spread and has also been relating to the ideology of philosophy.

The symbol of Yinyang is often called “Taijitu” in this symbol, not only we can find the white and black parts that are corresponding each other in a harmonize circle but also we can find a small circle of Yang in Ying, and a small circle of Ying in Yang. This shows the relation of the two things that are contrasting, however can exist and live together in harmony. The outer circle of the Yinyang symbol signifies the completeness of the galaxy which also implies that Yin and Yang is the substitute for everything we know.

It is believed that whoever carries the Yinyang symbol with them, will help them to attract positive energies and lower the negative ones to be in balance. From the past until today, the ideology of Yinyang has been relating to traditional Chinese medicine. It is said that our body structure is similar to the yin and yang. If the elements within our body balance, it will result in a healthy body and then a healthy mind in which all of this will lead to the path of gaining wisdom and gaining success in your career or education. When having both intelligence and a healthy mind, will help you to be more conscious in making any decisions in your life.

Apart from this, Yin also refers to darkness, calmness, and mystery, while Yang refers to brightness, eagerness, bravery, and change. If there is an energy that is more or less than the other, this will leads to chaos, suffering, and endless problems.


Carrying the Yinyang symbol can help to balance both energies which can make everything in your life goes smoothly. Also, the Yin is the representation of feminine power, and the Yang is the representation of masculine power. It can be said that the symbol of Yinyang helps attract the right person who will come to fulfill your life.



Those are the reasons why the symbol of Yinyang is mostly seen in jewelry design and charm which is believed to attract balance, completeness and bringing you happiness and healthiness both physically and mentally.


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