GARUDA | The mightiest god of birds attracts prosperity, prestige, and power

GARUDA or Phaya Kruth, is the mightiest god of birds and serves as the mount (vahana) of the god Vishnu. Garuda is a divine eagle-like creature with powerful wings. Garuda is considered a majestic creature that symbolizes prosperity, prestige, and power. It is also believed that worshiping Garuda could help in career development and gain respect from others, and lead to a prosperous life.

Garuda, also known by another name ‘Vainateya’, is the son of the revered Vedic hermit Kashyapa and Vinata. He is the brother of Aruna, who is the charioteer of Surya. Guruda gets married to Unnati, and they have a son named Sampati.

In Hindu mythology, Garuda had a conflict with Indra, the king of the gods, over the elixir of immortality, or amrita, in order to free his mother from slavery. As the battle ensued, Garuda displayed his incredible power and exceptional strength, overpowering Indra who could not triumph over him. Recognizing Garuda’s strength as god-like, Indra granted respect to Garuda, ultimately leading to the release of Garuda’s mother. As a gesture of respect to Indra, Gadura gave one of his feathers to him. Consequently, Gadura is referred to as the king of birds, a title bestowed upon him due to his majestic and immense power.

Garuda was granted everlasting life, coupled with extraordinary power and incredible strength. He possessed the ability to fly as fast as thunder. Garuda has the wings, head, beak, and talons of an eager-like creature, while his torso and arms take on a human form. Additionally, Garuda is considered the mightiest among all supernatural eagle-like beings.

For the Thai people, the presence of Garuda is ingrained in their daily lives, as He is featured on the national currency. Garuda is considered a prominent symbol associated with credibility and power. For these reasons, Garuda is featured not only on currency but also on official documents, government buildings, and temples. Therefore, If anyone worships him with a pure heart and honesty, it is believed that Garuda will bring happiness, career development, and prosperity into their lives.

Garuda’s blessings are associated with the following eight aspects:

  1. Prosperity in your life and financial growth.
  2. Gaining respect from others and earning immense credibility.
  3. Achieving success in your life and attaining prestige.
  4. Being loved by others.
  5. Enjoying a blissful life.
  6. Protection against negativity and evil forces.
  7. Dispeling bad people and negative influences.
  8. Warding off negative energies, mysteries, and black magic.

Hence, those working in professions such as an accountant, marketer, banker, trader, seller, or currency-related businesses should consider worshiping Garuda. He will attract wealth, prosperity, prestige, and strength, leading to a blissful life. In addition, Garuda will also enhance their charm, making them loved by those around them.

Moreover, anyone working as a government officer, such as a soldier, policeman, and etc., Garuda will help them overcome obstacles and shield against fatalities and accidents during their duties. Faithfully worshiping Garuda, regardless of one’s occupation, he will bring success, happiness, and affluence into their life.

In this collection, RAVIPA meticulously crafted GARUDA, a felicitous creature of boundless blessings for wealth and prosperity. Every detail was delicately designed to ensure that each design brings only auspiciousness to worshippers. Therefore, GARUDA consists of six auspicious features, including:

  1. The head of Garuda draws inspiration from the crown of a deity, symbolizing power, prestige, and prosperity.
  2. Garuda’s eyes and sharp beak symbolize incredible wisdom and intelligence. 
  3. The wings and tail of Garuda were inspired by the pattern of a diamond cut, representing immense strength, and majesty, akin to a precious diamond.
  4. Garuda’s costume and accessories adorned in gold, symbolize the attraction of good fortune, as well as an abundance of money and wealth.
  5. The talons holding sparkling diamonds, symbolizing abundance, auspiciousness, and unlimited affluence.
  6. Garuda’s robust torso represents might and power. It also symbolizes protection, guarding against harm, fatality, and negativity.
GARUDA features statues, bracelets, necklaces, and rings.
There are two sizes of the statue.
  • Petite Garuda (2.5 CM) | 4,990 THB
  • Majestic Garuda (4 CM) | 5,990 THB

There are four designs of the bracelet.


  • Blue Sandstone bracelet (Navy) | 2,490 THB 

is a gemstone of money luck, bringing an abundance of prosperity, wealth, and good fortune into the lives of those who wear it.

  • Garuda bracelet (Midnight Black) | 2,790 THB

was inspired by Garuda, featuring a pure torso that symbolizes kindness and prestige. He will protect worshippers against negativities and fatalities. Garuda will attract boundless wealth and prosperity to his worshipers.

  • Garuda & Peridot bracelet (Olive Green) | 3,490 THB

was inspired by Garuda, the mightiest god of birds, symbolizing prestige and power. This design is also accompanied by Peridot, a gemstone associated with strength and vigor, enhancing bravery and vitality, as well as protecting wearers from negativities.

Golden Gold 9K 

  • Golden Gold Garuda bracelet (Deep Brown) | 8,990 THB 

was inspired by Garuda with a golden body. He will bring an abundance of money, wealth, affluence, and prosperity into the households of his worshippers.

There are four designs of the necklace.


  • Petite Garuda necklace | 2,790 THB
  • Majestic Garuda necklace | 3,490 THB

 Golden Gold 9K

  • Golden Gold Petite Garuda necklace | 21,990 THB
  • Golden Gold Majestic Garuda necklace | 24,990 THB

Materials: Cubic Zirconia Diamonds, 9K Golden Gold Plated and 18K White Gold Plated, 925 Sterling Silver, Nickel Free (Non-Allergenic) with Adjustable Bracelet, available in lengths of 18” and 19”.

There are two designs of the ring.

  • Silver Garuda ring | 2,990 THB
  • Golden Gold Garuda ring | 9,990 THB

Materials: Cubic Zirconia Diamonds, 9K Golden Gold Plated and 18K White Gold Plated, 925 Sterling Silver, Nickel Free (Non-Allergenic).

Available in sizes 50, 52, and 54

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