Celebrate 100 Years of Wonder with DISNEY | RAVIPA 100 collections

"All our dreams can come true, 
if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney 

Celebrate DISNEY's 100th anniversary with RAVIPA! Over the years, DISNEY has consistently created a happy and magical atmosphere after all this time, and inspires us to follow our dreams. RAVIPA participates in the celebration of DISNEY by launching exclusive collections designed for everyone, especially DISNEY fans that can be worn in everyday life.

Every piece of DISNEY | RAVIPA 100 collections are meticulously crafted from authentic gemstones and 925 sterling silver plated with 18K white gold that is nickel-free, so you can wear them without experiencing redness and itchiness. Additionally, they are made with an adjustable nylon string imported from South Korea. Our DISNEY | RAVIPA 100 collections will absolutely warm your heart every day forever.

Let’s turn your dreams into reality with our 6 DISNEY | RAVIPA 100 collections!

1. Disney 100 Mickey Mouse Collection
  • Mickey Mouse bracelet and necklace
2. Disney 100 Princess Collection
  • Ariel bracelet
  • Belle bracelet
  • Rapunzel bracelet
  • Aurora bracelet
  • Cinderella bracelet
  • Snow White bracelet
  • Jasmine bracelet
  • Anna bracelet
  • Elsa bracelet
3. Disney 100 Toy Story - Friendship Collection 
  • Woody bracelet
  • Buzz Lightyear bracelet
  • Aliens (Little green men) bracelet
  • Lotso bracelet
4. Disney 100 First Love Collection 
  • Tinker Bell bracelet
  • Bambi bracelet
  • Olaf bracelet
  • Marie bracelet
  • Dumbo bracelet
  • Genie bracelet
  • Pinocchio bracelet
  • Stitch bracelet
  • Simba bracelet
  • Miguel bracelet
  • Baymax bracelet
5. Disney 100 Best Buddy Collection
  • Mike & Sulley bracelet and necklace
  • Lady & Tramp bracelet and necklace
  • Alice & The Cheshire Cat bracelet and necklace
  • Nemo & Dory bracelet and necklace
  • Nick & Judy bracelet and necklace

              6. Disney 100 Villain Collection

              • Maleficent bracelet
              • Cruella De Vil bracelet
              • Ursula bracelet


              1. Disney 100 Mickey Mouse Collection

              One of the iconic characters that captures people’s hearts.

              For RAVIPA, when it comes to Disney, Mickey Mouse is the first character that comes to our minds. Mickey Mouse is an iconic character that symbolizes eternal happiness, joy, and imagination that never fades away.

              Disney 100 Mickey Mouse Collection is an exclusive collection that RAVIPA has celebrated 100 years of DISNEY to bring happiness and joy to you and your loved one. The DISNEY 100 Mickey Mouse collection features a bracelet and a necklace.

              1. There are two materials for a bracelet.

              • Disney 100 Gold Mickey Mouse bracelet that is adorned with Garnet, a gemstone of courage and hope.
              • Disney 100 Silver Mickey Mouse bracelet that is adorned with Black Agate, a gemstone of strength, wealth, and prestige.

              2. There is one material for a necklace.

              • Disney 100 Silver Mickey Mouse necklace


              2. Disney 100 Princess Collection
              The power of love makes everything happen.
              Disney 100 Princess Collection is an exclusive collection that is delicately designed to make your dreams a reality. We truly believe that “Love” is a powerful force that brings happiness to everything we deserve in this world.

              In this collection, we exclusively gather empowering princesses who have inspired people around the world to believe in our strength, dreams, and love. They show us that love and passion can guide us on the right path in life. The collection consists of 9 designs, including:
              1. Ariel bracelet
              2. Belle bracelet
              3. Rapunzel bracelet
              4. Aurora bracelet
              5. Cinderella bracelet
              6. Snow White bracelet
              7. Jasmine bracelet
              8. Anna bracelet
              9. Elsa bracelet


              3. Disney 100 Toy Story - Friendship Collection
              The beautiful friendship that lasts to infinity and beyond.

              “You’ve got a friend in me.” is the iconic line from Toy Story, which never loses its place in our hearts. Toy Story takes us back to our childhood memories when we played with our favorite toys, or had fun with our best friends—It was one of the wonderful times of life. The friendship among the characters shows us that a true friend creates an unbreakable bond that lasts forever.

              In this collection, we bring the beloved characters of Toy Story to be your best buddies that will stay on your wrist through thick and thin. So, it’s time to step back into Andy’s world with us! Disney 100 Toy Story Collection is available in 4 designs, including:

              1. Woody bracelet
              2. Buzz Lightyear bracelet
              3. Aliens (Little green men) bracelet
              4. Lotso bracelet


              4. Disney 100 First Love Collection
              The beloved character that always and forever holds a special place in our hearts.


              We truly believe that everyone has a favorite character that is always imprinted in our heart and never changes over time. It is a character we fall in love with at first sight and grow up with.

              Since these characters have inspired people from the different generations, RAVIPA intentionally gathers these beloved characters into the Disney 100 First Love Collection that is available in 11 designs consisting of;

              1. Tinker Bell bracelet
              2. Bambi 
              3. Olaf 
              4. Marie 
              5. Dumbo 
              6. Genie 
              7. Pinocchio 
              8. Stitch 
              9. Simba
              10. Miguel 
              11. Baymax



              5. Disney 100 Best Buddy Collection  
              Through ups and downs, we always have each other’s back.

              Since we have seen DISNEY, from beautiful princesses to adorable furry friends, DISNEY has always created a cute relationship between two characters that we cannot imagine one of both being there individually without their duo. Whether they are happy or sad, laugh or cry, they always have each other’s backs no matter what.

              In this collection, RAVIPA especially brings DISNEY couples and best friends to weave their beautiful stories through the Disney 100 Best Buddy Collection that will brighten up your heart. This collection features bracelets and necklaces, which are available in 5 designs, including:

              1. Mike & Sulley bracelet and necklace
              2. Lady & Tramp bracelet and necklace
              3. Alice & The Cheshire Cat bracelet and necklace
              4. Nemo & Dory bracelet and necklace
              5. Nick & Judy bracelet and necklace


              6. Disney 100 Villain Collection
              There are two sides to every story.

              Heroes and villains always have a backstory that is like the quote "There are two sides to every coin", which is no different from people who have beautiful stories and secret stories. A villain is just a word that someone calls the villain to make them a protagonist in their own story. In fact, before reaching the point where people define the villain as a ‘bad’ person, they were used to being a ‘good’ person who had been mentally abused or attracted by society or someone before.

              RAVIPA believes that every character has a memorable story behind the scenes. Therefore, we bring the three main villain characters to reveal their backstory through the Disney100 Villain Collectionwhich will make you fall in love and rethink that "Are we still seeing these characters as villains?" This collection is available in 3 designs consisting of;

              1. Ursula bracelet
              2. Cruella De Vil bracelet
              3. Maleficent bracelet

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