Celebrate the tale of your love with Couple Rings - Valentine Special 2024 Edition

Celebrate the tale of your love story 
with a timeless symbol of your eternal love… 

As another year counts, a special milestone arrives. Expressing the enduring love and devotion to your partner has various ways, but what better way to commemorate your anniversary and celebrate this Valentine's Day than with a heartfelt ring?

RAVIPA has lovingly crafted Couple Rings - Valentine Special 2024 Edition that perfectly capture the essence of your love story, regardless of words. Even though love comes in different forms and embarks on diverse journeys, these new couple rings offer a definitive symbol for every kind of love. Moreover, you can choose your material preferences—from 925 sterling silver, white gold, golden gold, or pink gold in 9K, 14K, and 18K, and also authentic diamonds.

Each piece is dedicatedly designed by our award-winning designer and expertly crafted by skilled craftsmen to meet our exacting standards. As the years pass—be it five, ten, or more—our rings remain a constant reminder of the beautiful journey you both have embarked on together. 

The first ring of this new collection named The Promise of Together - Her Edition’

I never believed in destiny until I met you… You and I live miles away from each other, living in different places I could never have imagined our paths would cross. Yet, we finally met. You're physically attracted to me, making me want to learn more about you. The more I get to know you, the more I realize that I belong here, beside you. You make me feel at home, you make me feel safe, and you make me know I could spend my entire life with you. 

Loving you is an effortlessly flow, and falling in love with you is the easiest thing I have ever done. Every step we take closer feels natural. Every beat of our hearts is the same song. Baby, you are my serendipity. With each passing day, you not only reaffirm my belief in forever but make it more tangible. You are the missing piece that completes my puzzle. You are the chapter that completes my story. We are meant to be together.

The ring named ‘The Promise of Together - Her Edition’, draws inspiration from an infinity symbol. The intertwining lines within the Infinity symbol reflect the journey of two individuals whose destinies have finally intersected, uniting them in a promise of eternal togetherness. The ring serves as a tangible promise of everlasting love, capturing the beauty of your shared journey and the commitment to forever.

The second ring of this new collection named The Promise of Together - Him Edition

Thanks for everything that led me to you… Since the first day we became ‘us’, my heart has been forever yours. Every time I see you, your eyes give me butterflies in my heart. Every time I hear you, your voice makes my heart skip a beat. Every time I am with you, I feel so complete. I am endlessly grateful for having you in my life. We laugh together. We cry together. We share all the moments together. Through ups and downs, you have always been by my side. That is the best gift I have ever received. 

Because of you, I find myself smiling and laughing more than I used to. I dare to step into the unknown without fear because I know you are there to support me. I cannot wait to embark on the new chapter of us. I cannot wait to count another minute, another day, another year with you by my side. My dear, there is nothing I wish for more than you staying with me forever, ever after. 

The ring named The Promise of Together - Him Editiondraws inspiration from one side of the curved line of an infinity symbol. The design exquisitely symbolizes the unity of two individuals as their hearts gracefully intertwine into one. This ring captures the promise of a shared future and a lifelong journey, serving as a profound metaphor for the enduring bond between inseparable two souls destined to be forever together.

RAVIPA meticulously selects the best-quality materials to create valuable couple rings for you and your loved one, serving as a constant reminder of your lifelong journey. Anyone who wants us to be a part of your special occasions could explore our new couple rings at 

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