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Heroes and villains always have a backstory that is like the quote "There are two sides to every coin", which is no different from people who have beautiful stories and secret stories.

A villain is just a word that someone calls the villain to make them a protagonist in their own story. In fact, before reaching the point where people define the villain as a ‘bad’ person, they were used to being a ‘good’ person who had been mentally abused or attracted by society or someone before. 

RAVIPA believes that every character has a memorable story behind the scenes. Therefore, we bring the three main villain characters that people have remembered as "bad characters" to reveal their backstory through the RAVIPA bracelets, which will make you fall in love and rethink that

"Are we still seeing these characters as villains?"


“I swear, no harm will come to you as long as I live.” - Maleficent
Maleficent from the movie “Sleeping Beauty”

Maleficent, known as the mistress of all evil, is a beautiful young woman with a pure heart. Until one day, Maleficent was betrayed by her lover, Stefan, when he poisoned and cut off her powerful wings. Therefore, Maleficent is heartbroken and shattered that ultimately turns her pure heart to stone. 

Although many people have remembered that Maleficent curses Aurora into the sleeping princess, she is the one who brings Aurora back to life. Maleficent risks her life to help break the curse for Aurora. Because of her pure heart that loves Aurora like her own daughter, eventually the miracle happens.


RAVIPA brings this character to share the story through the bracelet. We meticulously select Peridot that is associated with kindness, peacefulness, and restful sleep and Black Rutile that helps your prestige and provides you with development in your career. It also helps to earn the respect of others.

Cruella De Vil

“A new day brings new opportunities.” - Cruella De Vil 
Cruella De Vil from the movie “101 Dalmatians”

Cruella De Vil is known as the villain with white and black hair. Originally, her birth name is Estella, a young girl who is incredibly talented and passionate about fashion. Estella dreams of being a famous fashion designer, but unfortunately she faces a big change by the death of her mother all of a sudden. Even though Estella becomes an orphan, she still chases her dream.

Finally, Estella has a chance to work for an authoritative fashion designer, Baroness Von Hellman, which is the turning point of her life. Estella changes her name to Cruella, and shines herself as a distinctive fashion designer who thinks outside the box, causing many people to remember Cruella De Vil.

RAVIPA brings this character to share the story through the bracelet. We select White Agate that helps you achieve a sense of balance and stability, and Black Rutile that helps your prestige and provides you with development in your career. It also attracts happiness to your household and repels danger and evil.


“My babies! My poor little poopsies” - Ursula 
Ursula from the movie “The Little Mermaid”

Ursula is known as a villainous sea witch who may seem heartless, but in fact, she is soft-hearted underneath. Ursula lovingly takes care of her two eelsFlotsam and Jetsamas she loves them as her babies. 

Ursula is actually one of the characters who is classy, highly intelligent, and confident. Although Ursula has the power to create her new appearance, which is beautiful in other’s eyes, she admires herself and appreciates her own beauty. Moreover, Ursula is very powerful, and she can make everything happen. Ursula never gives up on her dream.

RAVIPA brings this character to tell the story through the bracelet. We meticulously select Amethyst that helps you find peace and calmness, and Black Rutile that helps promote personal empowerment. It also encourages you to succeed at work, and get respect from others.

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