“Blessing an appreciable mercy for the one who desires to be well-beloved and leading in all aspects”


GANESHA AISHWARYA was portrayed in a child posture with a pleasant and approachable appearance. As a result, devotion to GANESHA AISHWARYA makes you become well-beloved and appreciated by surrounding people. It is believed that GANESHA AISHWARYA brings you exceptional admiration, satisfactory negotiation in business, miraculous opportunity in your career path, remarkable performance, life without enemies, and love being full of joy and stability.


GANESHA AISHWARYA is appropriate for anyone who craves for marvelous adorableness, especially those who run all kinds of business and work among many people. It is also suitable for anyone who wants a peaceful and long-lasting relationship.


GANESHA AISHWARYA has altogether 4 hands holding magical weapons and sacred objects received from different deities. The meanings of the 4 hands are spectacular including:

    • The upper-right hand holding Shiva’s Trisul means power, prestige, and protection. The worshippers will be immunized from all obstacles and enemies by turning them to become your companion.
    • The lower-right hand holding the Naga breast chain means consciousness, concentration, and sagacity in order to meet the right time in negotiation.
    • The upper-left hand holding Dhevi’s lotus means purity, intelligence, and peace. Lotus is also a sacred flower that symbolizes true love, making the worshippers adored by surrounding people.
    • The lower-left hand holding Motaka marble means being free from anxious and negative thoughts. The worshippers will have a joyful mind along with positive energy in order to receive marvelous opportunities in life.

    GANESHA AISHWARYA also consists of 9 unique and auspicious features that will bring success and prosperity to the worshippers.

      1. The splendid diamond, the center of great power, symbolizes notability, attractiveness, and leading in everything you do. 
      2. The lotus hair bun, the symbol of Lakshmi, symbolizes knowledge, intelligence, and creativity.
      3. The counterclockwise trunk curling symbolizes being free from misery and obstacles.  
      4. The peacock tail necklace, the symbol of Saraswati, symbolizes elimination of bad fortune and success in negotiation.
      5. The sitting posture symbolizes prestige, administration, and stability.
      6. The upright base of the lotus symbolizes cheerfulness and being ready for new opportunities.
      7. The upside-down base of the lotus symbolizes security and stability in work, wealth, and love.
      8. The two male lions symbolize power and leadership in order to be free from dangers.
      9. The OM (​​ॐ) symbol symbolizes achievement and fulfillment. 


    In Indian belief, people usually pay respect to Ganesha on Tuesday since he was the most powerful during that time. Moreover, for the great accomplishment, worshiping Ganesha is required 4 offerings representing 4 elements including:

    Earth l Fruits, Flowers
    Water l Water, Milk, Juice
    Wind l Frankincense smoke, Mantra
    Fire l Candle, Lantern


    For celebrating Ganesha Chaturti festival, RAVIPA delicately designed GANESHA AISHWARYA in order to offer meaningful gifts to all worshippers. GANESHA AISHWARYA was consecrated by removing all negative energies and filling them with positive ones that will enhance your life and bring success.



    The collection consists of a necklace, bracelet, and statue that can be placed in your working space (recommended to be placed in a lively environment in order to enhance your art of speech), your car, and also your Buddha shelf.

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