“Sparkle your creativity, sharpen your rhetoric, make you accomplish in all negotiations”


GANESHA NATALEELA performed an exquisite dance with a delicate posture. It is believed that dance is the origin of all creatures on earth and also the source of all arts. Therefore, GANESHA NATALEELA will help you to enlighten your creative idea, revive your talent and management skill, and initiate your art of speech in order to achieve all of your desired aims.

GANESHA NATALEELA is appropriate for anyone who runs all kinds of business, grows a career path in all fields of arts, and works by communicating with others such as business owner, diplomat, artist, influencer, designer, sales representative, account executive, coordinator, and also a person with multiple careers.


GANESHA NATALEELA has altogether 4 hands holding magical weapons and sacred objects in a sophisticated posture. The meanings of the 4 hands are spectacular including:

    • The lower-left and lower-right hands showing dancing posture means dispelling all obstacles. The lower right hand is upward representing peace and resistance to any danger. The lower left hand is downward representing neglect to greed and ability to deal with unexpected circumstances or negative feedback.
    • The upper-right hand holding Parashu (ax) means eliminating obstacles and being free from enemies and competitors in order to have tranquil work. 
    • The upper-left hand holding Pasha (loop) means overcoming all problems and capturing followers’ and colleagues’ loyalty. The worshippers will be able to control the situation, workflow, and their own business to accomplish all works.

GANESHA NATALEELA also consists of 7 unique and auspicious features that will bring success and prosperity to the worshippers.

    1. The crown decorated with shining diamonds symbolizes uniqueness, sparkle, glory, wealth, and success.
    2. The counterclockwise trunk curling symbolizes being free from misery and obstacles.
    3. The sacred garland symbolizes freshness, happiness, and liveliness.
    4. The diamond apparel symbolizes exuberance and prosperity.
    5. The tiptoeing posture symbolizes balance in life, consciousness, and being free from worry
    6. The upside-down base of the lotus symbolizes security and stability in work, wealth, and love.
    7. The OM (​​ॐ) symbol symbolizes achievement and fulfillment.


    In Indian belief, people usually pay respect to Ganesha on Tuesday since he was the most powerful during that time. Moreover, for the great accomplishment, worshiping Ganesha is required 4 offerings representing 4 elements including:

    Earth l Fruits, Flowers
    Water l Water, Milk, Juice
    Wind l Frankincense smoke, Mantra
    Fire l Candle, Lantern


    For celebrating Ganesha Chaturti festival, RAVIPA delicately designed GANESHA NATALEELA in order to offer meaningful gifts to all worshippers. GANESHA NATALEELA was consecrated by removing all negative energies and filling them with positive ones that will enhance your life and bring success.



    • The collection consists of a necklace, bracelet, and statue that can be placed in your working space (recommended to be placed in a lively environment in order to enhance your art of speech).

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