New Edition RAVIPA Reminder | Gentle Edition

New Edition RAVIPA Reminder - Gentle Edition
Gentle Edition is the newest design from RAVIPA which is thicker than the former edition.

This edition is suitable for the person who loves to wear a thick bracelet which could respond to daily lifestyle. Moreover, the Gentle edition could adorably match the original bracelet.  

18 bracelet designs of the Gentle Edition


1. Guanyin - “Lotus of purity” The power of purity brings happiness, peace, positive energy, and wisdom.

2. Mazu  - “Barque of love” helps in terms of travel and brings true love.

3. Saraswati - “Peacock feather” The symbol of self-awareness, and expertise in art and knowledge ideally. 




4. Guan Yu - “The dragon crescent blade” The symbol of protection, elimination of evil matter, and victory over any rivals. 

5. Parvati “Eight-petaled lotus” The symbol of fertility and the rising of enhancement in life.

6. Jambhala - “The heart of giant” The symbol of protecting and eliminating any evil things that come through your life, and reinforcing your power and prestige.



7. Caishen- “ The treasures of the emperor” The symbol of wealth and plentiful of assets.

8. Kali - “ The four trident” The symbol of power eliminating every evil thing, increasing strength overcoming any obstacle, and gaining fortune and richness. 

9. Naga - “Naga” The symbol of prosperity helping in trading and possessions.



10. Phra Mae Thorani “Waterdrops” The symbol of suppression of any negative force completely, and gaining every side of positivity eternally. 

11. Nezha - “Rings of fire” The symbol of victory over any rivals and evils. 

12. Lakshmi - “ Lotus ewer” The symbol of abundance in either luck or wealth.



13. Sun Wukong - “Victory edition” The symbol of victory plentiful of power and bravery which makes life smooth.

14. Sun Wukong - “Enlighten edition” The symbol of wisdom and knowledge helping to figure out the bright pathways from any struggles.  

15. Ganesha - “Ganesha” The symbol of success supporting any wisdom and wish.


16. Brahma - “Wishbone” The symbol of luck bringing fortune to your life. 

17. Pixiu - “Pixiu” The symbol of wealth responding to any wish. 

18. Qilin - “Qilin” The symbol of luck supporting the stability of life and eliminating any worse luck.


This edition is thicker than the original edition which is suitable for every people. Significantly, it would be more splendid if it is matched with the original one. 💕 

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