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KRISHNA | The god of attraction

Krishna was inspired by the god of attraction. He is known as the eighth posture of Narayana or Vishnu. He has been outstanding in terms of his graceful appearance consisting of; 

  • The peacock tail's feathers refer to the aesthetics. According to Hindu belief, the peacock is praised as a sacred animal and is symbolized mercy,  prestige, and fortune. As a result of these, hindus always keep the peacock tail's feathers at home because it will bring the prosperity to themselves
  • Bansuri and Rata's bracelet- Bansuri is held by the one-side hand with the ability to enchant not only people but also big animals which are  in a dreamy state by the sound of Bansuri. Then, Rata's bracelet symbolize of Rata who is the most-loved wife of Krishna.

In the love story of Krishna, Krishna is considered as a charismatic god thank to his graceful appearance and his most-loved wife, RATA or Laskshmi who could sacrifice everything in order to save Krishna's life. According to these, Krishna sincerely and stably loves Rata undoubtedly. Therefore, we see the picture of Krishna and Rata together always.


If anyone wants to be lucky in love or to face true love, they should worship Krishna because they would meet up with a true lover similar to Krishna and Rata (Lakshmi). If anyone wants to succeed in their career's life and eliminate any obstacles, they should worship Krishna as well because he would support your attraction and aesthetics. Moreover, he would get rid of any obstacle and bring prosperity of life to you.

There are 4 designs of Krishna

1.Rainbow Fluorspar: The gemstone encourages freedom of thought, speech, confidence, and creativity. Moreover, it helps to calm down your nervous mind and increase your concentration instead.

2. Bansuri: The symbol of Krishna and Rata, Bansuri which is his instrumental and Rata's bracelet  represent to their love considered as stable sincere love.

3.Peacock tail’s feathers: The accessory of Krishna illustrates to not only the gracefulness and prestige, but also the art of rhetoric.

4.KRISHNA necklace: The peacock tail's feather and Bansuri are the signature symbol of Krishna. The peacock tail's feather is a decorative accessory on the top of Krishna representing prestige and fortune. Also, it brings prosperity to oneself. The Bansuri is an individual instrument of Krishna which would attract other people.

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