Naga worshipful ceremony

The mind of faith to the mighty ceremony


On 7 April, it was considered as the auspicious day known as the first quarter of the lunar phase. RAVIPA organized the worship towards 2 Eldest Nagas, (Srisuttho and Prathumma), the Nine King Naga, and the Devi Naga at the Maha Devalaya Hindu Temple located in Bang Kachao, Samut Prakan.

The Naga worship is the sacred ceremony inherited for a long time ago following the traditional belief. Moreover, the worship is recognized as the ceremony illustrating the respect, and praying to the Nine King Naga, Angel, Naga God, and Goddes in order to implore for protecting and blessing of Naga’s disciples. 

Naga is the symbol of mightiness and fertility. According to the symbol, Naga is popular among people appealing for wealth, trade, power, and authority same as Naga’s power. 

In this worshipful ceremony, we rejoice with every beloved customer of RAVIPA and Naga’s disciple that would face a good fortune, prosperity, success in every business, and fulfillment of every hope. 

Anyone who wants to worship and make a wish from Nagas could order to purchase the NAGA’s collection of RAVIPA now.


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