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Jambhala Dhanabadee

Jambhala Dhanabadee is a new design getting inspiration from the combination of 2 faces in 1 form including the front face known as the angel face of Jambhala and the behind face is known as the giant face of Jambhala.

  • The angel face of Jambhala would help in the prosperity, wealth, and love of finding the true lover.
  • The giant face of Jambhala would eliminate all negative matters and protect from any hazards. Moreover, he also brings simplicity to life and overcomes every obstacle regardless of any anxiety, disease, or nostalgia. 

Jambhala Dhanabadee gathers considerable power in order to bring wealth, prosperity, and presting utterly. Additionally, he would get rid of the people coming to your life with a hostile purpose and any obstacles and, create simplicity in life.  

This posture is another recommendation for worshiping of the year regardless of your occupation because the design composing of 2 faces in 1 posture which helps the wish of worshipers come true either wealth, work, and love, overcome any troublesome smoothly, protect from any hazardous as if there is the private protector all the time, and bring the comfort to the life.


10 prominent components of Jambhala Dhanabadee

There are 2 prominent components of the angel face part

  • The angel face is known as the charming face having the ability to attract the compassion from others.
  • The top of the weapon is decorated with roses representing the power of prestige, and the whole body of the weapon was decorated with a wave pattern.

There are 2 prominent components of the giant face part

  • The giant face is known as the god having the ability to eliminate all bad things.
  • The top of the weapon is decorated with the head of Naga representing prestige and power, and the whole body of the weapon was decorated with the Naga skin representing fortune and prosperity

There are 6 prominent components of the common part of the 2 faces.

  • The wave of fire in the waterdrop shape represents the gracefulness radiating the merit like a successful halo of the worshiper.
  • The 7-rose crown would support in terms of wealth unlimitedly.
  • Both faces wear splendid-guard suits as if there is a sacred soul who always protects you from any dangerous matter.
  • The movement in the middle part of the body represents the fire radiation for the strike of the weapon onto the land empowering the prestige of worshipers.
  • The shoe of both faces is considered as a shoe of a noble god empowering the prestige to the worshiper.
  • The cushion-shape-diamond basement is a square shape which sharp corners of the square are reduced. Moreover, there is a little detail of the basement of the statue which is decorated and inspired by RAHU in the posture of swallowing the moon with the hidden meaning of positive improvement.


Jambhala Dhanabadee is designed for products in either statues, necklaces, or bracelets.

  • There are 3 sizes of the statue.
  1. Standard | 4Wx4Lx8H  (CM) | 5,990 THB
  2. Classic  | 7Wx7Lx14H (CM) | 9,990 THB
  3. Grand | 15Wx15Lx29H (CM) | 59,990 THB

Material: Yellow Gold with 18K Gold Plated, Droplet Shaped CZ Diamond

  • There are 2 designs of the necklace
  1. Silver 3,490 THB
  2. 9K Golden Gold 12,990 THB

Material: Sterling Silver with 18K White Gold Plated, 9K Golden Gold, Nickel Free

  • In terms of the bracelet, they are decorated with 2 precious gemstones which have power as below.
    • Ruby is considered as the king of gemstones helping in terms of health, strength, stability, protection from evilness, and wisdom towards wearers. 
    • Sapphire is a gemstone supporting luck and prestige.
  1. Silver  3,490 THB
  2. 9K Golden Gold 10,990 THB

Material: Sterling Silver with 18K White Gold Plated, 9K Golden Gold, Nickel Free


Anyone who desires to worship the Jambhala Dhanabadee statue, necklace, and 2 bracelets could order online at or via LINE (@ravipajewelry). Also, you can see the real product at RAVIPA Flagship Store, Central World (2/F).

RAVIPA implores Jambhala Dhanabadee to bless you with the success in everything you wish for all your lifetimes.


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