NEW Collection | THE SYMBOL

NEW Collection | THE SYMBOL 

Centralize the propitious moment and push the happy vibe to the moon and back.  

The new collection of RAVIPA gathers all meaningful symbols from around the world combined with several colorful gemstones which delicately design based on luxurious and minimal style helping in a finished look every day. 

The combination of these meaningful symbols with gemstones is also twofold all desire of all wearers accurately. These symbols of the collection consisting of 10 symbols are ready to belong to you.  


  1.  The Four-Leaf Clover, a symbol of luck   
  2. The Butterfly, a symbol of restart
  3. The Golden Fish, a symbol of fertility 
  4. The Wishbone, a symbol of success 
  5. The Feather, a symbol of wisdom
  6. The Antler, a symbol of prestige
  7. The Horseshoe, a symbol of fortune
  8. The Fleur De Lys, a symbol of bravery 
  9. The Whale Tail, a symbol of strength
  10. The Cross, a symbol of life


    1. The Four-Leaf Clover
    “Bringing the luck and opportunity for fulfilling
    and preparing in every part of life.”

    “The Four-Leaf Clover” is well-known as the symbol of luck, love, and prosperity for many centuries.

    The amazing thing about the clover’s leaf is The Four-Leaf Clover would be able to find only one in a thousand. This uniqueness creates a fortunate feeling towards finders. Each leaf of The Four-Leaf Clover has its own meaning consisting of bringing a good reputation, prosperity, love, and good health subsequently.

    “Aventurine” would bring luck, prosperity, and opportunity to the owner. It also helps to encourage in every relationship, as well as, helps in terms of creativity. Significantly, it is suitable for the people who favor risk-taking, competition, and winning someone's heart utmost.

    Therefore, “The Four-Leaf Clover” & “Aventurine” would support and encourage luck in daily life in every section regardless of love, finance, work, or health abruptly and unexpectedly.



    2. The Butterfly
    “ Amelioration of the heart leading to restart of the sincere love ”

    The Butterfly  symbolizes the cycle’s rebirth of the caterpillar after being a chrysalis which awaits the evolution to transform to be a wonderful creature. After being a little chrysalis for a while, the caterpillar emerges as a dignified and lively butterfly. The process of the caterpillar’s evolution represents a powerful and potential lesson for body and mind enhancement.

    Moreover, it still affects being self-conscious, focusing on rebirth again, and soaring gracefully, same as people who have access to enlightenment, and become better people along with prosperity and courage.

     “Rose Quartz” or the quartz of affection is known as the blessing of gods which contains goodwills and reeks of a loving atmosphere. They also help to encourage every relationship informally regardless of friends or families, as well as, meet with sincere companions and create the emotion like a head over heels in love with a beloved. Besides, it is a gentle reminder that you are going to be loved, and be a valued person so that you could release every suffering and sadness, and improve your positive energy vice versa. 

    Therefore, “The Butterfly” & “Rose Quartz” are assistance in the new adventure of finding a new love which would help to recover from the painful heart similar to being surrounded by butterflies, and embraced with affection which leads you to meet a new and better relationship than ever. 

    3. The Golden Fish
    “ Symbol of fertility eternally.” 


    “The Golden Fish” symbolizes fertility and prosperity following the Chinese tradition. In the Chinese language, the pronunciation of the word “Fish” sounds like the word “Fertility” because most Chinese people praise the fish as a fortunate symbol. Moreover, the ancient Chinese also link the yellow or golden color with the royal family. So, there are only members of the royal court allowed to be owners of the golden fish. As a result of these, the Chinese define the golden fish as the fish of the wealthy. 

     “Mix Agate” is known as the gemstone considered as a lucky amulet for a long time since the eighteenth century. Originally, English agriculturists used Mix Agate in order to attract prosperity and fertility along with the belief that if they keep the Mix Agate amulet in the workplace, it will help businesses to succeed more than ever. Generally, Mix Agate is a gemstone that has many colors in nature and when you carry this gem around with you, you will find that this gem takes you back to nature which is full of shady plants and the sound of the watercourse. These make you feel the fertility in life.

    Therefore, “The Golden Fish” & “Mix Agate” are compared as a stream that is plentiful of golden fish bringing either fertility or prosperity to you eternally.   

    4. The Wishbone 
    “A guideline magnifying the lucky life.”

    “The Wishbone” refers to fortune. Generally, people would hang the feather for 3 days in order to gather clean energy. Afterwards, people would make a wish and break it because people believe that if they break it and get the longer side, they will face only good fortune and their desire will come true. Later on, Wishbone is very popular as a symbol of luck.

    “Golden Rutilated” is a gemstone which is praised as the gem of light magnifying the consciousness and encouraging the desire successfully. Moreover, it brings opportunities and support in every movement of infinite life. These abilities would let people feel the fertility of life similar to a star across the sky.

    Therefore, “The Wishbone” & “Golden Rutilated” are compared as the guideline of life which brings the good fortune to your life more than ever. Moreover, they would help to unlock you from the door of sin by the power of light from the Golden Rutilated. Besides, they have an ability to bring the power of Wishbone which takes twofold luck to you like having a flashlight in the darkness.  

    5. The Feather 
    “ Wisdom and enlightenment overcoming any obstacles.” 

    The Feather” symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. The feather is praised as the signal from God in order to connect between the human world and heaven, and lead to civilization. Eventually, the feature become the symbol of wisdom and knowledge, and the ancient greek and roman empires believed that if they saw or met the feature, they need to keep and carry it with themselves seeming like the gods granted the wisdom and knowledge from heaven to the human world called as a gift from the god. 

    Blue Jadeite” is a gemstone that brings the hidden wisdom to use effectively. Besides, it also is a gemstone which improves the power of wisdom to the enlightenment, and eliminates all negative energy and confusion in the heart. When you face a life disaster, Blue Jadeite would help you to have more concentration which lets you extend your perspective towards those obstacles and gain wisdom to overcome all of the issues completely. 

    Therefore, The Feather” & Blue Jadeite” are compared as the supporters of each other. When you find the knowledge or wisdom referring to the feather, Blue Jadeite would help to bring the hidden wisdom to use and reach to the enlightenment for overcoming any obstacles, or finding every correct answer such as education and work with the hard decision. Although you do a difficult exam or, deal with unpredictable customers, you would always find the right answers or the most suitable way for those situations 

    6.The Antler
    “ Being full of power and fulfilling the basis of accomplishment.” 

    “The Antler” represents power and authority. Most people always tattoo the picture of an antler referring to the leadership because a deer is recognized as a powerful animal. Naturally, dears often use their antlers in fighting and protecting themselves from any dangers. Hence, the antler is generally used as a symbol of awe and authority.

    According to the ancient time, ancient people believed that if they came into the cave and drew a picture of the antler, it would give power to them, as well as, the more they drew the more they gained the power to their life not only in their families, but also their works would get the opportunity to promote in a leadership.  

    Furthermore, the upper-class people often use antlers as home decorations in order to imply power and authority.

    Amethyst” is believed that it could predict and take either prosperity or authority to the owner following Chinese belief. Amethyst helps to increase the level of prosperity utmostly. Amethyst also helps owners to reach a state of pleasure. All of these are reasons for using  Amethyst as the symbol of royal families and wealthy people in order to imply their financial and social status.
    Therefore, “The Antler” & “Amethyst”  would help to cease from defeat and improve strength, authority, and prosperity more than ever.


    7.The Horseshoe 
    “Collecting the positive energy and eliminating negative energy.” 

    “The Horseshoe” symbolizes luck or fortune. When westerners see the horseshoe, they will remember the cowboys referring to the sense of traveling. Last but not least, there are seven holes in the horseshoe, and the seven is the symbol of a lucky number in general. Furthermore, there is some belief about hanging horseshoes at the door in order to collect good fortune which does not let the good fortune spill out of the home. 

    “White Jade” would bring fortune in order to improve luck in life. Significantly, it also helps to eliminate the negative force and increase the positive force.

    Therefore, “The Horseshoe” & “White Jade” are compared as the magnet which attracts every positive energy. On the other hand, if human life is full of positive energy, human life will eliminate all of the negative energy counted as the pollution towards human life, and collect only the positive energy leading to lucky life.

    8. The Fleur De Lys 
    “ The shining way to achieve the goal of life.”

    “The Fleur De Lys” is a French word meaning a lily flower. The word “fleur” and “lys” translate to the flower of lily in English. The definition of the lily flower is a bright light and perfection. The lily flower is used as a symbol to represent the French royal family following the story of the Merovingian dynasty in the family of the Franks. Clovis, the son of Merovingian’s king, changes to be a Christian. He gets the lily flower from the angle as the symbol of purity.

    “Labradorite” would help to suppress your energy. This gemstone would take you too close to the discovery of a dream, and reveal your destiny compared as notification that the dream would come true absolutely. Moreover, it reduces the stress which is troublesome in following your dream.

    Therefore, “The Fleur De Lys” & “Labradorite” are compared as a bright light and a guideline for you to follow your dream or life’s goal, and take you to the accomplishment in life as the same as your dream. Moreover, it also improves your bravery for overcoming every obstacle during the pathway to following your dream.

    9. The Whale Tail 
    “ The strength  and the way of success.”

    “The Whale Tail” is the tail of one of the strongest sea creatures. The whale is considered as the king and the queen of the sea because of its size. So, the whale’s tail symbolizes great agility and great strength because the whale’s tail is used for movement control.

    So, the whale's tail needs to have powerful strength for containing and carrying the immense body of the whale to swim in the ocean easily. Moreover, it represents the fertility coming from the underwater world which is the whale’s habitat. Moreover, the hidden message of the whale tail also involves confidential emotion referring to overcoming every obstacle in the past.

    “Lapiz Lazuri” is a gemstone which is well known as peace and strength. Most people believe that this gemstone helps to arouse in a spontaneous and spiritual sense. Besides, it is also known as the gemstone helping to suppress both body and mind.
    Therefore, “The Whale Tail” & “Lapiz Lazuri” are compared as the strength of spirits’ awakening which is not anxious towards obstacles whatever.


    10. The Cross 
    “ The ending of sorrow and the better beginning.”

    “The Cross” or crucifix is known as the wood of life, new beginning, and victory. During September, Christians celebrate the pride of the Christ Cross symbolizing of Christain's home when Christians face terrible obstacles in life.

    “Black Agate” is the gemstone that helps to arouse the inspiration and release from the anger, fear, and every issue which have been faced in the past completely. Moreover, it sends the energy in order to make you refresh, get rid of tiredness from both body and mind, and bring you to become a new person along with strength, confidence, and enthusiasm.

    Therefore, “The Cross” & “Black Agate” are compared as a reminder that  the ending time, especially in a bad situation, has already arrived, and it is a time of emancipation from evil things in both of body and mind in order to be a new person who is plentiful of inspiration in the way of living, the courage for starting the new relationship, and the bravery for following your dream and responding your desire in order to await new, unconditional and flawless love, as well as, the new and better life which are coming in the future shortly. 




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