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The god of success and wealth

Ganesha Mahasetthi was inspired by Dagadusheth Ganesha, which is considered as the richest posture of Ganesha.

According to the Dagadusheth Ganesha’s mythology, in the late 18th century, the bubonic plague epidemics had spread rapidly in the port city of Bombay, causing the death of millions, including the only son of Dagadusheth Halwai, who was a very famous and rich sweet trader of the era. 

Due to the sudden passing of his son, Dagadusheth Halwai and his wife were severely depressed and heartbroken. To relieve unbearable grief, they constructed a temple devoted to Ganesha and treated him like his own son, according to their Guru Madhavnath Maharaj’s advice. Therefore, the Dagadusheth Ganesha was first built in 1893.

Dagadusheth Ganesha is also known as “Dagdu”, which means the greatest giver in the universe. Many people have believed that if anyone dedicatedly worships Dagadusheth Ganesha, he would eliminate all obstacles and enemies from their paths, and also bring them good fortune, wealth, success, and miraculous opportunity in their career path.

In this collection, RAVIPA delicately designs Ganesha Mahasetthi adorned with many majestic ornaments in order to bring wealth and prosperity into our beloved customers’ lives who have faith and trust in Ganesha.

The “Ganesha Mahasetthi” is seen in a sitting posture on an overturned lotus flower, and his trunk is curled towards the left side. His back two hands hold Naga’s walking cane and shankha, which is a sacred conch shell in Hinduism. Additionally, his left hand holds Lakshmi’s ewer of wealth, while the right hand is shown in a gesture of blessing the worshippers. The Ganesha Mahasetthi is also adorned with auspicious ornaments, including four peacock tail’s feathers decorated on each of two sides of the Ganesha, and two disciples, Mooshika, wearing a pearl necklace seated on both sides.

Consequently, if anyone faithfully chants Ganesha Mahasetthi and simultaneously looks at him with their whole heart, he will bring wealth, prosperity, and success into their lives. They will find that they are blessed and their lives are elevated.


Ganesha Mahasetthi blesses those who are underprivileged, and helps them overcome every obstacle in life. Moreover, if anyone dedicatedly worships him, he will bring wealth, affluence, and prosperity to his worshippers. He also blesses the worshipers with good fortune, glory, and successful business ahead. Moreover, he helps attract boundless wealth and prosperity to his worshipers. If anyone desires to worship Ganesha, this posture is another recommendation for worshiping.

Ganesha Mahasetthi consists of nine auspicious features and stories that will miraculously make you a billionaire. 

  1. The splendid diamond accessories symbolize limitable money, wealth, and prosperity. 
  2. The curved trunk symbolizes attracting good fortune and financial abundance.
  3. The Lakshmi’ ewer symbolizes fertility and unlimited prosperity, as if money grows on trees.
  4. The sacred Shankha symbolizes abundance, auspiciousness, happiness, and success. It is believed that the water filled in Shankha is considered as sacred as the water of Ganges river, and the sound of Shankha is regarded as an auspicious sound, so if anyone hears the sound of the shell, they will be lucky all day. 
  5. Naga’s walking cane symbolizes prestige, prosperity, and stability.
  6. The peacock’s feather symbolizes respect, power, and protection.
  7. The Mooshika is the disciple of Ganesha who helps make your wishes come true quickly.  
  8. The overturned lotus symbolizes long-lasting love and stability in work and wealth.
  9. The Om (ॐ) symbol on Ganesha’s back is a sacred symbol of Hinduism, bringing success, happiness, and prosperity into your life. 

If anyone dedicatedly worships Ganesha Mahasetthi, he will bring them with wealth and success. Also, he would help keep obstacles out of his worshippers’ paths, and attract abundance of money and prosperity to their lives. His worshippers never return empty-handed.


Ganesha Mahasetthi features statues, necklaces, and bracelets.

There are three sizes of the statue.

  • Standard Ganesha Mahasetthi (5.5 CM) 4,990 THB
  • Classic Ganesha Mahasetthi (8.5 CM) 7,490 THB
  • Grand Ganesha Mahasetthi (18 CM) 37,990 THB

There are two designs of the necklace.

  • Silver 2,990 THB
    • Ganesha Mahasetthi necklace
  • Golden Gold 9K 24,990 THB
    • Ganesha Mahasetthi necklace Special Edition Golden Gold

There are two designs of the bracelet.

  • Silver 2,790 THB
    • Ganesha Mahasetthi bracelet (Burgundy) 
    • Ganesha Mahasetthi bracelet (Pure White)
  • Golden Gold 9K 8,990 THB
    • Ganesha Mahasetthi bracelet (Burgundy) Special Edition Golden Gold
    • Ganesha Mahasetthi bracelet (Pure White) Special Edition Golden Gold


On the Ganesha Chaturthi of this year, RAVIPA meticulously designs Ganesha Mahasetthi in order to offer auspicious gifts to worshippers. In addition, Ganesha Mahasetthi was consecrated in a ceremony of buddhabhiseka, coinciding with the full moon day. Ganesha Mahasetthi will lead them to the path of affluence and blissfulness.

“...May Ganesha Mahasetthi bless you with the treasure of wealth, happiness, and success…”


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