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The god of success and blissfulness

“...Always worship Ganesha first before beginning any new ventures or worshiping any other deities…”

Ganesha is one of the most widely worshiped deities in Hinduism. He is known as a god of success, wisdom, remover of obstacles, and creativity.

As a god of success, Ganesha is the very first god to be worshiped before worshiping any other deities or performing any auspicious event, new venture, journey, or business. Therefore, Ganesha Phatarnphorn is the popular posture of Ganesha that many people start worshiping since they believe that he will help them remove every obstacle from the way and light the path to success.

In this collection, Ganesha Phatarnphorn is depicted in standing posture, with one leg on tiptoe, resting on a lotus flower adorned with marigold flowers. He has an abundant body, which is symbolic of his prosperity. His trunk is curled towards the left side holding his favorite modak, which is a sweet dumpling made of rice. His attire is also decorated with sparkling diamonds.

Ganesha Phatarnphorn has four hands holding auspicious objects and weapons in a fine and majestic posture. Each of his hands carries the symbolic meanings that are as follows:
    • The upper left hand holds the lotus flower adorned with diamonds, which represents the beautiful lotus emerging from muddy water and basking in the sunlight. Consequently, the lotus symbolizes wisdom, enlightenment, and spiritual awakening.  
    • The upper right hand holds an auspicious axe that symbolizes the remover of obstacles and enemies in your life.
    • The lower left hand holds Lakshmi’s ewer of wealth that represents the sacred symbol of Hinduism, symbolizing success and fulfillment. Additionally, the ewer filled with Modak is a symbol of abundance and blissfulness.
    • The lower right hand is shown in a gesture of blessing the worshipers in order to bless them with happiness and success. Moreover, his blessing hand also has the Surya symbol that is the solar deity in Hinduism, symbolizing power, prestige, and prosperity. 

There are 10 splendid features of Ganesha Phatarnphorn.

  1. The Hindu king costume and Pagri (पगड़ी), which is a traditional headscarf in India, represents grandeur and uniqueness. 
  2. The powerful eyes represent his love and kindness toward his worshipers, which is like the phrase “Eyes are windows of the soul.”
  3. The large ears adorned with precious diamonds, as if a winnowing basket, which is used to separate rice from the chaff, represents distinguishing between reality and illusion. Moreover, his ears also symbolize abundance and prosperity.
  4. The long trunk, which is curled towards the left side, represents wisdom and the ability to overcome obstacles.
  5. The single tusk represents victory and overcoming enemies and evilness.
  6. The Lakshmi’s ewer filled with Modak symbolizes blissfulness and abundance.
  7. The lotus symbolizes purity, gracefulness, and faith. 
  8. The auspicious axe represents the capacity to eliminate obstacles.
  9. The Surya symbol symbolizes success, power, and prosperity.
  10. The standing posture on a lotus adorned with marigold flowers represents wealth, affluence, and prosperity in life.


Ganesha Phatarnphorn’s blessings are associated with the following five aspects:

  1. Work: Ganesha Phatarnphorn will bless you with success in work, career development, and help remove obstacles from your path.
  2. Wealth: Ganesha Phatarnphorn will bless you with a prosperous life and success in business.
  3. Love: Ganesha Phatarnphorn will bring you true love and an enduring relationship.
  4. Health: Ganesha Phatarnphorn will bless you with good health and longevity.
  5. Family: Ganesha Phatarnphorn will bring happiness and harmony to your family.

If anyone desires to start worshiping Ganesha, Ganesha Phatarnphorn is the first to be worshiped. Ganesha Phatarnphorn will bless you with success and blissfulness. Besides, in Hinduism, they believe that Tuesday and Thursday are considered highly auspicious days to worship Ganesha. Thus, if anyone worships Ganesha with their pure heart on these days, he will surely bring success and happiness to their lives.

Ganesha Phatarnphorn features bracelets, necklaces, and statues.

1. There are two designs of necklace*. 

  • Silver 2,990 THB
    • Ganesha Phatarnphorn necklace
  • Golden Gold 9K 24,990 THB
    • Ganesha Phatarnphorn necklace Special Edition Golden Gold 


2. There are two designs of bracelets*.

  • Silver  2,790 THB
    • Ganesha Phatarnphorn bracelet (Deep Brown)
    • Ganesha Phatarnphorn bracelet (Midnight Black)
  • Golden Gold 9K 8,990 THB
    • Ganesha Phatarnphorn bracelet (Deep Brown) Special Edition Golden Gold
    • Ganesha Phatarnphorn bracelet (Midnight Black) Special Edition Golden Gold


*Materials: 18k White Gold Plated, 925 Sterling Silver, Nickel Free (Non-Allergenic) with Adjustable Bracelet.

3. There are three sizes of statue.

  • Standard Ganesha Phatarnphorn (6 CM) 4,990 THB
  • Classic Ganesha Phatarnphorn (10 CM) 7,490 THB
  • Grand Ganesha Phatarnphorn (20 CM) 37,990 THB

3 recommended places to keep a Ganesha statue.

  • In the working room, the statue of Ganesha should be placed above your head, on a high shelf, or at eye level.
  • In the bedroom, the statue of Ganesha should be placed on a high shelf or a bedside table.
  • In the car, the statue of Ganesha should be placed facing the inside of the car, toward the passengers. Ganesha will remove all obstacles that may arise during the journey.


On the Ganesha Chaturthi of this year, RAVIPA delicately designs Ganesha Phatarnphorn in order to offer auspicious gifts to worshippers. Additionally, Ganesha Phatarnphorn was consecrated in a ceremony of buddhabhiseka, coinciding with the full moon day. He will help eliminate obstacles and bring success to your life.

“...May Ganesha Phatarnphorn bless you with happiness and success in every aspect of your life…”


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