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“Do you believe in zodiac signs and astrological elements?”

We are born under the influence of the Zodiac constellations, which are associated with astrological elements and their elemental compatibility.

  • The Earth elements include Taurus, Virgo, and CapricornEarth elements are compatible with other Earth elements and Water elements. 

    • Earth + Earth: The Earth element enhances your stability and self-determination.  
    • Earth + Water: The Water element fosters your calmness and gracefulness.

  • The Water elements include Cancer, Scorpio, and PiscesWater elements are compatible with other Water elements and Fire elements.

    • Water + Water: The Water element illuminates your innate charm.
    • Water + Fire: The Water element encourages your bravery, determination, and confidence.
  • The Air elements include Gemini, Libra, and AquariusAir elements are compatible with other Air elements.

    • Air + Air: The Air element boosts your creativity and positive emotions.
  • The Fire elements include Leo, Sagittarius, and AriesFire elements are compatible with other Fire elements and Earth elements.

    • Fire + Fire: The fire element intensifies your productivity and strong passion.
    • Fire + Earth: The earth element enhances your calmness and prudence.

We are all born under the Zodiac constellations, which consist of a group of 12 stars that align along the ecliptic. Our star sign can influence our fate and personalities. Additionally, each zodiac sign belongs to one of four astrological elements and also has its elemental compatibility. In this collection, RAVIPA draws inspiration from the zodiac elements to meticulously design this collection, aiming to highlight our distinct strengths and allow us to shine like the star we truly are.

When we carry the zodiac constellation with ourselves, it helps to enhance our remarkable strengths and uncover our hidden talents, allowing us to shine brightly and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. It also bolsters our spirits and motivates us to pursue our individual paths toward achieving our goals.

The various symbols of each zodiac will serve as a timeless reminder that we will shine brightly in our own unique way every day, just like the stars across the sky that are always shining in their own way.

This collection includes bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. RAVIPA has divided the items by the zodiac constellation as follows:

1. Aries
Courageous ✧ Confident ✧ Adventurous

Symbol : The ram ♈️
Dates : April 13 - May 13
Ruling Planet : Mars and Pluto
Element : Fire

Aries Personality Traits
Strengths : Aries individuals are known for incredible courage, confidence, loyalty, and optimism. They are characterized by their boundless energy and enthusiasm, always eager to say yes to new adventures and great opportunities. With their innate qualities, they will lead their life to achievement.
Weaknesses : Aries individuals can be quite impulsive and fluctuating emotions, which no one can put down. Sometimes Aries might experience stress and anxiety.  
Elemental Compatibility
✷ Fire + Fire : The Fire Element provides Aries with bravery, diligence, and self-determination. It encourages them with the energy of a fighter and a strong passion to confront life’s challenges and opportunities.
✷ Fire + Earth : The Earth Element provides Aries with compassion, a calm demeanor, and tranquility. It strengthens their spirit and mind, guiding them to make better decisions in their life.

2. Taurus
Reliable ✧ Practical ✧ Ambitious

Symbol : The bull ♉️
Dates : May 14 - June 13
Ruling Planet : Venus
Element : Earth

Taurus Personality Traits
Strengths : Taurus individuals are recognized for their intelligence, kindness, independence, attractiveness, and loyalty. They never give up on their goals and always believe in themselves that they can do it.
Weaknesses : Due to their self-confidence, Taurus individuals tend to be stubborn and may not follow advice from others.


Elemental Compatibility
✷ Earth + Earth : The Earth Element provides Taurus with patience, solidity, a sense of justice, and ambition. It fosters their self-belief that they can achieve their goals.
✷ Earth + Water : The Water Element helps Taurus be calm and methodical individuals. It helps balance their emotions, leading to effective decision-making.

3. Gemini
Intelligent ✧ Friendly ✧ Lively

Symbol : The twins ♊️
Dates : June 14 - July 14
Ruling Planet : Mercury
Element : Air

Gemini Personality Traits
Strengths : Gemini individuals are known for their attractive intelligence, natural sense of humor, and lively personalities. They have a strong sense of decision-making and a strong passion for pursuing their interests and achieving their goals.
Weaknesses : Gemini individuals can be very sensitive and hot-tempered, so they do not have a lot of patience when waiting for something they desire.


Elemental Compatibility
✷ Air + Air : The Air Element provides Gemini with wisdom, adaptability, positive thinking, and self-confidence. It fosters self-belief, contributing to a successful life.


4. Cancer
Empathetic ✧ Intuitive ✧ Imaginative

Symbol : The crab ♋️
Dates : July 15 - August 16
Ruling Planet : The Moon
Element : Water

Cancer Personality Traits
Strengths : Cancer individuals are hard-working, generous, detail-oriented, and creative. They are also highly adaptive and love to spend time in nature. They are good at taking care of those around them, so many are drawn to them.
Weaknesses : Cancer individuals are shy, introverted, and sensitive, so they pretend they are fine when they are not. They might be bossy individuals sometimes.

Elemental Compatibility
✷ Water + Water : The Water Element provides Cancer with imagination, creativity, empathy, and adaptability.
✷ Water + Fire : The Fire Element provides Cancer with bravery, decision-making, and confidence, helping them become a good leader.

5. Leo
Creative ✧ Generous ✧ Ambitious

Symbol : The lion ♌️
Dates : August 17 - September 16
Ruling Planet : The Sun
Element : Fire

Leo Personality Traits
Strengths : Leos are loyal, lively, charismatic, artistic, and down-to-earth. They are natural leaders and have strong self-esteem and self-confidence. They constantly earn the respect of those around them.
Weaknesses : Leos are probably plain-spoken, impatient, and anxious. If they experience insecurity for any reason, they may behave like children.


Elemental Compatibility
✷ Fire + Fire : The Fire Element provides Leos with leadership, courage, an adventurous spirit. It encourages Leo to step out of their comfort zone and explore new experiences.
✷ Fire + Earth : The Earth Element helps Leos to be prudent, politic, and noble. It encourages them to plan for their future and foster a sense of awareness when making decisions.


6. Virgo
Intelligent ✧ Kind ✧ Humble

Symbol : The virgin ♍️
Dates : September 17 - October 16
Ruling Planet : Mercury
Element : Earth
Virgo Personality Traits
Strengths : Virgos are highly resourceful, intelligent, artistic, kind, and perfectionists. They are also known for their meticulous attention to detail and like to plan everything in advance. They consistently set high standards for themselves. Virgos are also independent, so they often handle everything on their own.
Weaknesses : Virgos are very detail-oriented. So, sometimes, they rather set high standards for others. They are prone to overthinking, which can lead to a lack of self-confidence.


Elemental Compatibility
✷ Earth + Earth : The Earth Element promotes tolerance, self-esteem, and loyalty. It helps Virgos prioritize things and prudently plan for their future.
✷ Earth + Water : The Water Element encourages wisdom, creativity, and calmness. It helps Virgos to be calm about the things that are uncontrollable in life.


7. Libra
Charming ✧ Sociable ✧ Romantic

Symbol : The Scales ♎️
Dates : October 17 - November 15
Ruling Planet : Venus
Element : Air

Libra Personality Traits
Strengths : Libras are known for their honesty, diplomacy, fairness, and politeness. They love making people happy, especially for their special ones. They are charming, generous, and helpful. Libras are also very comforting and empathetic towards the people around them.
Weaknesses : Libras are very compromising, so some people might take advantage of them. Sometimes they are indecisive and struggle with making decisions.


Elemental Compatibility
✷ Air + Air : The Air Element promotes self-confidence, potential, wisdom, and adaptability. It helps individuals understand themselves and not simply go along with surroundings. They will believe in themselves that there is nothing they cannot do.

8. Scorpio
Determined ✧ Passionate ✧ Brave

Symbol : The Scorpion ♏️
Dates : November 16 - December 15
Ruling Planet : Mars
Element : Water

Scorpio Personality Traits
Strengths : Scorpios are extremely courageous, selfless, and reliable. They are incredibly focused and do not concern themselves with the opinions of those who judge them. They are highly ambitious and willing to work hard to achieve their goals.
Weaknesses : Scorpios can experience fluctuating emotions, anxiety, and overthinking. They often worry about things, even if they may not happen.


Elemental Compatibility
✷ Water + Water : The Water Element promotes their imagination and creativity. They will find out what they want in life, and they can adapt to change.
✷ Water + Fire : The Fire Element encourages leadership, bravery, and decision-making. It helps them make better decisions, leading to the right things in life.

9. Sagittarius 
Optimistic ✧ Honest ✧ Smart

Symbol : The Archer ♐️
Dates : December 16 - January 15
Ruling Planet : Jupiter
Element : Fire

Sagittarius Personality Traits
Strengths : Sagittarius individuals are intelligent, humble, gentle, lively, and friendly. They have a good understanding of others and are also fond of pets. They always push themselves to greater heights and explore new things.
Weaknesses : Sagittarius are ambitious, arrogant, and skeptical.

Elemental Compatibility
✷ Fire + Fire : The Fire Element promotes their courage, decision-making, and confidence. It encourages them to have a fighter’s energy to overcome challenges and be open to new opportunities.
✷ Fire + Earth : The Earth Element boosts their kindness and calmness. It helps them to be down-to-earth people, and maintain emotional balance.

10. Capricorn
Trustworthy ✧ Disciplined ✧ Playful

Symbol : The Sea Goat ♑️
Dates : January 16 - February 12
Ruling Planet : Saturn
Element : Earth
Capricorn Personality Traits
Strengths : Capricorns are kind, easy-going, judicious, and responsible. They are highly goal-oriented people who always improve themselves. They are also incredibly independent and disciplined, often leading to remarkable success.
Weaknesses : Capricorns tend to be very overthinking, sensitive, and skeptical. It is often challenging for them to step out of their comfort zone.


Elemental Compatibility
✷ Earth + Earth : The Earth Element boosts their strength, steadiness, and determination, leading them to their successful life.
✷ Earth + Water : The Water Element encourages prudence, practicality, emotional balance, and reasonableness. It improves their decision-making skills.

11. Aquarius
Independent ✧ Inventive ✧ Intellectual

Symbol : The Water Bearer ♒️
Dates : February 13 - March 13
Ruling Planet : Saturn
Element : Air
Aquarius Personality Traits
Strengths : Aquarians are extremely confident, independent, intelligent, and helpful. They are very sincere and attractive, so they are loved by those around them. They are also diligent and hardworking.
Weaknesses : Aquarians tend to be forgetful, reckless, emotional, and stubborn sometimes.


Elemental Compatibility
✷ Air + Air : The Air Element encourages wisdom, aptitude, intelligence, adaptability, and positive thinking. It helps individuals become more confident and believe in their potential to reach their goals with strong passion.

12. Pisces
Generous ✧ Sympathetic ✧ Artistic

Symbol : The Fishes ♓️
Dates : March 14 - April 12
Ruling Planet : Neptune
Element : Water
Pisces Personality Traits
Strengths : Pisces are compassionate, strong, determined, and neat. They have a profound passion and persevere until they achieve success. They are very confident and focus their efforts on endeavors they consider worthwhile.
Weaknesses : Pisces tend to be stubborn, careless, cold-hearted, and bossy.


Elemental Compatibility
✷ Water + Water : The Water Element boosts their imagination, creativity, and adaptability. It helps individuals understand themselves better than ever, find their true selves, and adapt to new situations, challenges, and changes in life.
✷ Water + Fire : The Fire Element encourages their leadership, bravery, determination, and prudence. It helps them make good decisions in their life.


The twelve zodiac signs have unique personality traits that make each of us special. Wearing our zodiac signs and elements will bring out our remarkable traits and encourage our unique greatest strengths to shine. We can effectively apply our personal core values in daily life.

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