RAVIPA celebrates Disney 100 years of wonder with the exclusive Mickey Mouse collection.


"All our dreams can come true,

if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney

Let's celebrate 100 years of Disney which consecutively create a happy and magical atmosphere after all this time. Also, Disney empowers and inspires the people that their dream would come true.

RAVIPA, a meangingful and everyday-wear-jewellery brand, participates in the Disney100 celebration through launching the exclusive collection designed for everyone which could wear in everyday life consisting of;


  • Disney 100 Gold Mickey Mouse  Bracelet 2,990 THB

Garnet gemstone would increase your confidence and strength

  • Disney 100 Silver Mickey Mouse Bracelet 2,790 THB

Black Agate gemstone would increase your confidence, and bring the prosperity and reputation to your life


    • Disney 100 Silver Mickey Mouse Necklace 3,490 THB

    Material : 925 Silver, 18K White and Yellow Gold Plated, Nickel Free, Korean Nylon, CZ Diamond.


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