RAVIPA x PAÑPURI Fall Into a Multisensorial World Of "Charmed Dreams"


Come to experience happiness from the beautiful world of dreams. 

From the collaboration between Ravipa (RAVIPA) and Panpuri (PAÑPURI), presenting to you with a Four-leaf clover keyring with pillow mist. A Limited Edition product, helping you to find the relaxation that leads to happiness and fulfillment.

  • Pillow Mist (50ml) is an essential oil spray. A unique scent of RAVIPA with a blend of Lavender, Sandalwood, and Rose gives the mind a feeling of relaxation and helps to improve your sleep.
  • Dream Charm keychain’s design presents the shape of a cover’s leaf. A symbol leads you to luck, which also comes with the rose quartz bringing happiness to you. Taking you deep into the dreamland and waking up with positive energy in the new morning.

Come experience happiness and get refreshed today - 31 July 65 for 1,950 baht, exclusive only at RAVIPA.


Now available at www.ravipa.com คลิก https://ravipa.com/products/ravipa-x-panpuri

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