RAVIPA, the one of Design Excellence Award recipient (DEmark)

Willingness leading to Pride

From concentrating on every single of producing process delicately, to another pride of being the one of Design Excellence Award recipient (DEmark)

The award guarantees the creativity and quality of products organized by the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP). The criteria of the product’s design need to be outstanding which is able to reflect the product’s value obviously and is recognized as the achievement's model of the Thai-design product, which is acceptable on the international stage.

RAVIPA is another brand which receives the DEmark award for CREATIVE & INNOVATIVE FASHION due to every process of production in each piece of product, RAVIPA’s team pays attention to every procedure of RAVIPA’s product, as well as, all of RAVIPA’s product is intentionally and delicately crafted by a 30-year-experience craftsman piece by piece in order to desire to deliver RAVIPA’s products as the precious gifts to every lovely customer. 

We sincerely feel thankful to our beloved customers and really appreciate customers’ support as the important motivation which influences on our achievement towards this award. 

We promise that we would produce the qualified products continually for responding to all of the customer’s reliance. 





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