Disney 100 Nemo & Dory Bracelet

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Nemo and Dory
"Dory, you may forget things, but we’ll never forget how amazing you are" – Nemo said to Dory
Nemo and Dory from “Finding Nemo”

Nemo and Dory first meet when Nemo is looking for her father, Marlin. At that moment, Dory is suffering from short-term memory loss, but she still shows her kindness to Nemo as she helps Nemo find his father. When Dory recovers her memories, which she is looking for Marlin and Nemo as well, she hugs him immediately, and then they finally reunite with Marlin. Throughout the stories, Dory is like a mother to Nemo because she always supports him while Nemo unwaveringly believes in her and her unique potential. Whether it is dangerous or amusing, they constantly do everything together. The strength of their bond reminds us that family does not only depend on genetics and blood relations but also on any person who makes you feel like home.

For the Nemo & Dory bracelet, we meticulously select Sky Blue Topaz, which unleashes your intellectual capability and also attracts bright energy, wealth, prosperity, and success. It is known to promote self-confidence, enthusiasm, and motivation in order to achieve your goals. Moreover, this design also features a sterling silver plated with 18K white gold necklace decorated with an adorable Nemo & Dory charm.