Zoom Gold Donald&Daisy Infinity Necklace

Gold Donald&Daisy Infinity Necklace

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Donald Duck & Daisy Duck
“A symbol of enthusiasm and positive mind”

Donald Duck, the character represents the enthusiasm and endeavor for overcoming any obstacles. If you burn out today, we will recommend Donald Duck who lives each day as if it is the first day of life. Let’s activate your energy similar to Donald Duck.

Daisy Duck, the character represents the beauty and perfection of life. Everyone has ever dreamed of perfection. If your day is not

on perfect status, we will recommend Daisy Duck jewelry which is a reminder for you in order to cheer you up to seek for the

perfection of life in your way similar to Daisy Duck.

♡Made of Sterling Silver 18k White Gold Plated (Nickel Free | Non Allergenic)

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Gold Donald&Daisy Infinity Necklace




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