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Jambhala Dhanabadee 

Jambhala Dhanabadee is a new design getting inspiration from the combination of 2 faces in 1 form including the front face known as the angel face of Jambhala and the behind face is known as the giant face of Jambhala.

- The angel face of Jambhala would help in the prosperity, wealth, and love of  finding the true lover.

- The giant face of Jambhala would eliminate all negative matters and protect from any hazards. Moreover, he also brings simplicity to life and overcomes every obstacle regardless of any anxiety, disease, or nostalgia.

There are 2 designs of the bracelet

  • Sapphire is a gemstone supporting luck and prestige.
  • Ruby is considered as the king of gemstones helping in terms of health, strength, stability, protection from evilness, and wisdom towards wearers.