Brahma Necklace

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The god of creation, prosperity, and wisdom 

Brahma (THE FOUR FACES) is the supreme god of creation who decides one’s destiny and turns the evil ones into righteous ones, so he is considered the highest aspect of god. Generally, Brahma is also known by different names, such as Lord Brahma, Datha, Lokesah, etc. Additionally, Brahma has four faces that give different blessings consisting of;

The 1st face: If anyone wants to succeed in work, study, or promotion and also wants to wish for their father, they should worship the first face of Brahma.

The 2nd face: If anyone wants to have an abundance of prosperity and also wants to recover a debt owed to them, they should worship the second face of Brahma.

The 3rd face: If anyone wants to wish for their family and health, they should worship the third face of Brahma.

The 4th face: If anyone wants to wish for wealth, fortune, risk-taking, and a pregnant purpose, they should worship the fourth face of Brahma.

Moreover, Brahma also holds a variety of objects, which have different meanings.

And new design of this new collection is the majestic swan necklace : The symbol of Brahma, which is the main objects and the vehicle of Brahma, brings wealth and prosperity into your life.