Zoom Zodiac Libra Bracelet
Zoom Zodiac Libra Bracelet

Zodiac Libra Bracelet

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Charming ✧ Sociable ✧ Romantic

Symbol: The Scales 
Dates: October 17 - November 15
Ruling Planet: Venus
Element: Air

Libra Personality Traits 

Strengths: Libras are known for their honesty, diplomacy, fairness, and politeness. They love making people happy, especially for their special ones. They are charming, generous, and helpful. Libras are also very comforting and empathetic towards the people around them.

Weaknesses: Libras are very compromising, so some people might take advantage of them. Sometimes they are indecisive and struggle with making decisions. 

Elemental Compatibility

Air - Air: The Air Element promotes self-confidence, potential, wisdom, and adaptability. It helps individuals understand themselves and not simply go along with surroundings. They will believe in themselves that there is nothing they cannot do. 

Zodiac Libra Bracelet




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