Zoom Zodiac Sagittarius Bracelet
Zoom Zodiac Sagittarius Bracelet

Zodiac Sagittarius Bracelet

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Optimistic ✧ Honest ✧ Smart

Symbol: The Archer
Dates: December 16 - January 15
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire

Sagittarius Personality Traits

Strengths: Sagittarius individuals are intelligent, humble, gentle, lively, and friendly. They have a good understanding of others and are also fond of pets. They always push themselves to greater heights and explore new things. 

Weaknesses: Sagittarius are ambitious, arrogant, and skeptical. 

Elemental Compatibility 

Fire - Fire: The Fire Element promotes their courage, decision-making, and confidence. It encourages them to have a fighter’s energy to overcome challenges and be open to new opportunities.

Fire - Earth: The Earth Element boosts their kindness and calmness. It helps them to be down-to-earth people, and maintain emotional balance.

Zodiac Sagittarius Bracelet




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