Zodiac Taurus Bracelet

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Reliable ✧ Practical ✧ Ambitious 

Symbol: The bull
Dates: May 14 - June 13
Ruling Planet: Venus 
Element: Earth

Taurus Personality Traits 

Strengths: Taurus individuals are recognized for their intelligence, kindness, independence, attractiveness, and loyalty. They never give up on their goals and always believe in themselves that they can do it.

Weaknesses: Due to their self-confidence, Taurus individuals tend to be stubborn and may not follow advice from others. 

Elemental Compatibility

Earth - Earth: The Earth Element provides Taurus with patience, solidity, a sense of justice, and ambition. It fosters their self-belief that they can achieve their goals. 

Earth - Water: The Water Element helps Taurus be calm and methodical individuals. It helps balance their emotions, leading to effective decision-making.