Must-have Everyday Bracelets for 2024

By Ravipa Jewelry

We are all different and unique. In astrology, it is believed that people born on each of the seven days have a ruling planet that influences their personality traits. RAVIPA specially selected bracelets from the Reminder Collection to enhance your luck and bring auspicious ones to your days throughout the year of 2024.

People born on each of the seven days are associated with a different bracelet according to their birth day. We thoughtfully chose these bracelets to serve as propitious gifts, offering constant reminders of positivity and serving as a protective charms against negativities and evilness.

Here are personality traits and a list of recommended bracelets for individuals born on each of the seven days. 

Traits of people born on Sunday

Individuals born on Sunday are known for their high confidence, kindness, honesty, and a strong love of freedom. They have a natural charisma that attracts people to them, and they are ride-or-die friends who consistently stand by their friends’ sides. People born on Sunday are also good at earning a living, but they tend to be extravagant and may find it challenging to save money. The more they earn money, the more they spend it.

A Must-have Bracelet: Caishen, the god of good fortune and wealth, will help you attract consistent wealth and prosperity. His worshippers will encounter only prosperous opportunities, leading them to blissful life.

Traits of people born on Monday

Individuals born on Monday are recognized for their charm, eloquence, and sensitivity. They often trust others and may not listen to their own hearts. They like pleasing those around them, especially their friends. However, people around them might find that individuals born on Monday are somewhat predictable or even tiresome.

A Must-have Bracelet: Nezha, the god of victory, will empower you to overcome all obstacles and challenges. He will increase your mental strength, wealth, love, luck, and confidence. Nezha will dispel negatives that come your way.

Traits of people born on Tuesday

Individuals born on Tuesday are recognized for their courage, confidence, and honesty. They never stop trying new things and thinking outside the box. Additionally, they tend to be hot-tempered and have a strong desire to triumph over others. However, they are also characterized by impulsiveness, often taking actions without careful consideration.

A Must-have Bracelet: Sun Wukong, known as the Monkey King with immense strength to overcome obstacles and win over all evils. He will boost your wisdom, guiding you to find the right pathways through challenges and leading you to a prosperous life.

Traits of people born on Wednesday

Individuals born on Wednesday are known for their prudence, adaptivity, and wisdom. They are masters in communication, excel at critical thinking, and embrace a growth mindset. People born on Wednesday are versatile individuals with the ability to adapt to new situations.

A Must-have Bracelet: Pixiu, an auspicious creature for wealth, will attract both money and luck. Pixiu will enhance your communication skills, transforming them into valuable assets. The auspicious one is also known for its power in money-saving, promoting career development, enhancing prestige, and good fortune.

Traits of people born on Wednesday night

Individuals born on Wednesday night are recognized for their innate charm, intelligence, and risk-taking abilities. They have high determination and prudence in pursuing their goals. They have good luck and longevity. Additionally, they are exceptionally kind and willing to help others. People born on this day also love traveling and meeting new people.

A Must-have Bracelet: Phra Mae Thorani, the goddess of the earth, will increase good fortune, international incomes, and attract positive people to your life. She will help you live your life blissfully and bring abundance into your household.

Traits of people born on Thursday

Individuals born on Thursday are known for their generosity, loyalty, and prudence. They have a strong moral compass and a deep sense of justice. They are always ready to lend a hand to help others. Plus, they tend to live in their comfort zone and are afraid to take risks. People born on Thursday are good listeners with a strong sense of empathy, making them good consultants for others. 

A Must-have Bracelet: Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom, will boost intelligence, charm, and unlock your full potential. She will promote mastery in your field, paving the way for a blissful life.

Traits of people born on Friday

Individuals born on Friday are recognized for their artistry, kindness, and goal-oriented nature. They always set goals and work very hard to achieve them, aspiring for a successful life. They are empathetic and compassionate toward others. They possess a natural ability to understand other people's perspectives. People born on Friday also demonstrate a strong sense of responsibility and attention to detail.

A Must-have Bracelet: Krishna, the god of attraction, will enhance your innate charm and eloquence. He will guide you to find true happiness, leading to a blissful life.

Traits of people born on Saturday

Individuals born on Saturday are known for being reliable, highly responsible, and diligent. They have many friends and always earn respect from others due to their personality. People born on this day are not okay if someone crosses their line, as privacy is important for them.

A Must-have Bracelet: Mazu, the goddess of the sea, will bring you luck in love and luck in game. She will boost your creativity and also guide you through every obstacle and challenge.

Traits of people who do not know their own birthday 

Individuals who do not know their own birthday are very independent, confident, and self-made. They tend to like being in the spotlight and truly believe in themself. They will work diligently to lead themselves into a successful life.

A Must-have Bracelet: Mong Kut Phra Puth Jao, the symbol of Buddha, will enhance your prestige, bring good fortune into your life, and shield against negative energies.

Every bracelet is meticulously made from imported nylon string, ensuring it can be worn effortlessly in every daily activity. With its waterproof material, you can wear it 24/7 even during showers. Moreover, our bracelets serve as the ideal meaningful gift for yourself or your special ones in 2024. Let’s make this year extra special together.

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