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RAVIPA Bridal creates custom-made wedding rings inspired by your love story, meticulously handcrafted by our experienced designers and expert craftsmen. These rings serve as a timeless reminder that our hearts are forever intertwined.

Because RAVIPA truly believes that the dedication and commitment you and your partner put into the relationship are the most valuable and meaningful things. So we provide you and your partner the opportunity to share your love story to create elegant wedding rings that are meticulously designed by an experienced designer who was awarded the Design Excellence Award (DEmark). 

In addition to the design, you can select the materials you want—925 sterling silver, white gold, golden gold, or pink gold, which are available in 9K, 14K, and 18K. Since all materials are nickel-free and non-allergenic, our rings can be worn every day and for every occasion.

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RAVIPA proudly introduces the meaningful "Wedding Rings", inspired by the love stories that will stay a part of you and your loved one forever.

"Before I do" Wedding Rings

“Will you marry me?” Do you still remember those feelings? The day that your heart beated like the first day he had said he loved you, a happy smile blooming like a flower, as well as his eyes that looked at you. Eventually, you nodded and said “yes.”

Wedding rings named “Before I do” is a ring that brings back those feelings when he got down on one knee, held your hand, and made the promise that you and your loved one would stay together forever.

 "Through Thick and Thin" Wedding Rings

When the wind blows, I will be the warmth that embraces you. When the sun burns, I will be a giant sequoia to shield you. Whether you are happy or sad, smile or cry, even if there are a ton of obstacles. “I will always be by your side.” 

Wedding rings named “Through Thick and Thin” are inspired by couples who always embrace each other no matter what.

 "Faithful Heart" Wedding Rings

Since the first day I met you, the first smile you smiled at me, the first word that you said to meat that moment, my heart was not mine. No matter how many people I have met, no one else makes my heart beat fast like you. No matter how much time has passed, My heart will always and forever be yours.

Wedding rings named “Faithful Heart” are inspired by two hands forming a perfect heart shape that will be totally honest with each other forever.

 "Twin Flames" Wedding Rings

Have you ever felt like something is missing in life? But you could not answer yourself what it was till you find someone who makes your heart complete. Someone makes your life filled with happiness and makes your loneliness fade away.

Wedding rings named “Twin Flames” are compared to the difference between two people who complement each other perfectly.

"Wish Upon a Star" Wedding Rings

“You” whom I wish upon a star on the darkest night. When the hardest time comes, you are like a star that lightens my life up, and guides me to find a new world that is full of joy, smiles, and laughter.

Wedding rings named “Wish Upon a star” are inspired by a lover who is like a star that lights up your heart on a darkest night and makes you shine beautifully again.

“Wish Upon a Star” Wedding Rings

“Wish Upon a Star (Classic Edition)” Wedding Rings

"Heartfelt Promise" Wedding Rings

“I promise.” Do you remember the first time you made a promise to each other? Even though times have changed, our words and love will never fade away. Our love is still the same as the first day we made a promise to each other. From now on, I will never promise anything anymore, but I will do everything to make you believe that we will always have each other.

Wedding rings named “Heartfelt Promise” are inspired by a couple that makes a pinky promise. This promise is like a bond of love between us.

"Endless love" Wedding Rings

Every day I spend time with you, which is so precious that I will not let it fade away. Every minute I am with you, I always see our future. From now on, I will ensure that our love will last forever.

Wedding rings named “Endless love” are inspired by the infinity symbol that represents eternal love. No matter how much time has passed, we will still be holding hands in this long journey with an infinite love forever.

 "In your arms" Wedding Rings

Many of you might have heard the phrase, “Home is where the heart is” Home is not a place, but just someone you feel comfortable being with. He is like a shelter from storms that always holds you in a warm embrace, no matter what happens. He will always be your home, making your life complete every day.   

Wedding rings named “In your arms” is designed from the embrace of a person who gives you warmth and comfort.
 "In your arms" Wedding Rings

 "In your arms" (Classic Edition) Wedding Rings


"My Sweet Dream" Wedding Rings

We always have someone we want to see and be with all the time, even in a "dream." Someone you want to see every morning and want him to say good night and embrace you every night. Since you have him, you have sweet dreams.

Wedding rings named “My Sweet Dream” are inspired by a lover who is like a dream that embraces you to have a good night's sleep.

"Love is all around" Wedding Rings

We always seek for love and romance, but we sometimes neglect the love surrounding ourselves. This couple's ring illustrates that ordinary love becomes special every day.

Wedding rings named “Love is all around” is designed with a curve shape depicting a gentle similar that you are surrounded by love and romance.

"When We Meet" Wedding Rings

Actually, we are destined to meet the right person, and that right person would be ready to live with us in every single moment of a relationship no matter how different you are, but the right person would meet each other certainly someday like Romeo and Juliet.

Wedding rings named “When We Meet” is compared as the difference but in the right  portion of love with the ring’s design which was thick on one side and thin on another side, as well as they meet together in the end like a happy ending in a love story.

"Moment of Infinity" Wedding Rings

The everlasting moment of love. No matter the time files, our love will still be forever. The word “forever” seems like a very long time for someone, but when you find the right half of your life, the infinite time would be disappeared forever.

Wedding rings named “Moment of Infinity” is designed luxuriously which attracts every sight of seeing and convinces people to think about the curve of the infinity symbol representing the infinity of love and affection’s moment.

"Moment of Infinity" Wedding Rings

"Moment of Infinity (Diamond)" Wedding Rings

"Your Sweet Dimples" Wedding Rings

Dimples from the sweetest smile are the starting point of a relationship because they cause of falling in love undeniably. These little dimples hide a ton of emotion which is able to attract someone's heart by the sweetest smile. 

Wedding rings “Your Sweet Dimples” is designed with a concave shape adding a diamond in the middle similar to the sweet dimples from your dearest lover.

"Break the rule for you" Wedding Rings

Sometimes, we may encounter something unexpectedly. Someone may overcome the wall of love in your heart by punching through every criteria and stepping into your heart  instantaneously.

Wedding rings named ”Break the rule for you” is designed based on minimal style. When both rings tail together, they will show the hidden message of “Break the rule for you” similar that love is indefiniteness and could change everything when you find the right lover.

"Pathway of love" Wedding Rings

The significance of love is not what is the conclusion, but is on the side of the pathway of love that your couple would decide to overcome every struggle, learn, and accept the difference of each other whether or not. Because love is not a bed of roses. 

Wedding rings named “Pathway of love” is designed following the movement of the wave which flows alongside the ring similar to the connection of the pathway of love between you and your beloved together.

"Hold me tight" Wedding Rings

When you hug me, I will hug you back even tighter, fusing you and me into one.

"My Another Heart" Wedding Rings

Take a piece of my heart and make it all your own. Even if we are apart, you will never be alone.

"Folding Heart" Wedding Rings

Slip my heart in your pocket…Protect it, take care of it. All I need is to keep you warm.

"Signature Infinity" Wedding Rings

When your love story is an endless journey starting at forever and ending at never.

"Hold My Hand" Wedding Rings

Hold My Hand is inspired by two hands holding each other representing boundless love and warmth.

"Complete Me" Wedding Rings

It takes a million people to complete the word but it takes only you to complete mine.

"Twist" Wedding Rings

When it’s time for souls to meet, there’s nothing on earth that can prevent them from meeting, no matter where each may be located.

"Missing Piece" Wedding Rings

You are the missing piece that completes me perfectly. 

"Keep My Promise" Wedding Rings

“A Promise” is the commitment that will never change since it is the words from your loved one. Like the story of the ring that even if time has changed, our love story will stay forever.

"No Matter What" Wedding Rings

A love story when both people never give up on each other “No matter what.”


Let’s design your everyday wear wedding rings from your love story together. Anyone who desires RAVIPA to be a part of your love story can consult with our designers and select your material preferences—925 sterling silver, white gold, golden gold, or pink gold in 9K, 14K, or 18K with authentic diamond—at RAVIPA Boutique, The Emporium, 1/F or ask for more information at

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