The first-ever Pikachu Special Edition Collection from RAVIPA

Grab your Poké ball and let’s step into the magical world of Pokémon with RAVIPA

The new adventure, as never before, is back! RAVIPA is the very first Thai jewelry designer brand to create a special collection with Pokémon, a globally popular multimedia franchise that has transcended generations.  

With its adorable and remarkable characters, Pokémon holds a special place in our hearts. In this collection, RAVIPA brings the beloved characters, Pikachu, to capture your heart once again through the special RAVIPA Pikachu Special Edition Collection, which is available in RAVIPA stores at Central Pattana branches (excluding RAVIPA, Central Chidlom). Ready to be a Pokémon trainer? 


Pika, pika! Pikachu is an irresistibly adorable electric-type Pokémon that serves as the Pokémon franchise mascot. He has a yellow chubby appearance, rosy cheeks, and a tail shaped like a thunderbolt. Pikachu is also friendly, caring, unwaveringly loyal, and incredibly courageous. No matter how difficult the situation or the challenge is, Pikachu always pushes himself beyond his limits and never gives up until the end of the battle. So, Pikachu is not only an unforgettable iconic character of Pokémon but also a beloved character that will forever stay in people's hearts of all ages. 

In this special collection, we intricately design Pikachu in a cute Santa Claus costume to be a special Christmas gift for customers who are fans of Pokémon. This Pikachu design includes a bracelet and a necklace suitable for everyday wear and any occasion. The bracelet and necklace are delicately crafted from high-quality 925 sterling silver that is nickel-free, so you can wear them without experiencing redness and itchiness.

Christmas is just around the corner! Whether you are a Pokémon fan or looking for a heartfelt gift for your friends, or your special ones, this collection is the perfect one that will absolutely brighten their days. RAVIPA Pikachu Special Edition collection will be available until March, 2024 or while stocks last.

Let's shop this special collection at

  • RAVIPA Flagship Store, Central World, 2/F
  • RAVIPA Central Ladprao, G/F
  • RAVIPA Central Bangna, 1/F
  • RAVIPA Central Pinklao, 1/F
  • RAVIPA Central Westgate, 1/F
  • RAVIPA Central Rama 2, 1/F
  • RAVIPA Central Rama 3, 1/F
  • RAVIPA Central Pattaya, 1/F
  • RAVIPA Central Festival Chiangmai, 1/F
  • RAVIPA Central Festival Phuket, 2/F
  • RAVIPA Central Plaza Udonthani, 1/F
  • RAVIPA Central Hatyai, 1/F


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